Using Twitter, JetBlue Succeeds in Humanizing Its Brand

JetBlue on Twitter has seen great success since its inception. The @JetBlue twitter network has 1.2 million followers.  JetBlue follows about 120,000 of these fans.  The concept of an airline being able to interact with its passengers in real time is one that was just waiting for the right tool to emerge that would enable this to happen.  Think about all the times that you were stuck in the airport or looking for airfare promotions.  If only there was a quick solution.  JetBlue on Twitter offers just that.


JetBlue on Twitter has managed to gain followers through its remarkable customer service and positive brand reception, but how has this helped in this down economy?  The main reason why JetBlue on Twitter has been so successful is that it enables JetBlue to carry out targeted promotions, such as the recent #AYCJ campaign, which was supposed to last for one week, but ended up being cut 2 days short due to its overwhelming success.

#AYCJ Promotion – The Success of JetBlue’s All You Can Jet Pass

The #AYCJ or All You Can Jet promotion is a one-month Unlimited Flight Pass for $599.  JetBlue used Twitter to promote the #AYCJ campaign.  The All You Can Jet flight pass was available to be bought for a week back in August.  As long as flights were booked three days in advance, Flight Pass holders could fly between any of JetBlue’s 56 cities between September 8 and October 8, 2009.  Some say the reason why this #AYCJ flight pass was sold out before the end of the promotional week was thanks to JetBlue using Twitter to advertise.  Within minutes, twitter followers were buying up this pass faster than JetBlue could have anticipated.

Part of the reason why the #AYCJ was so successful was the creativity behind it.  However, unless you can take a month off to travel, one may question whether you get your money’s worth out of it seeing as flights are pretty cheap today.  One thing’s for sure – it would not have been such a success had people not known about it.  JetBlue on Twitter succeeded in creating a totally new concept, which actually encouraged people to perhaps take a month off as one couple said they would be doing.  This borders on the edge of changing societal norms that don’t usually encourage taking time off from work. That’s pretty impressive.

Let’s take a look at how JetBlue communicates on Twitter with its followers.

How JetBlue on Twitter Handles Customer Feedback

Oftentimes, a direct tweet is sent to followers who make a comment on Jet Blue.  Here is one blogger who talks about his positive experience with JetBlue on Twitter.  On one flight from Denver to Boston, the temperature during the flight was uncomfortably warm.  This follower informed JetBlue on Twitter of his experience and JetBlue responded by thanking him for passing along this information.  The blogger explains how he was so pleased with JetBlue’s response time (under 2 minutes) and their acknowledgment of his concern, which came from a human being.  On another JetBlue flight, this blogger arrived at the check-in counter in Denver, but saw no one there to check-in his bags.  So he tweeted about it.  Within minutes, JetBlue replied on Twitter that a note was sent to the GM to give a heads up of the situation.  JetBlue also asked if there were many people waiting.  The blogger replied there was only about 5 or 6 people waiting to check in their bags. JetBlue responded that there should be some crewmembers showing up shortly.  This humanistic exchange of JetBlue on Twitter is a wonderful example of how this airline has used social networking to personalize its brand.

Airline Social Network Benefits as Part of a Marketing Campaign

Social media is more affordable compared to other costs in a marketing campaign.  Airlines use social networks with no start-up cost.  This is especially attractive in a down economy.  It is also great for the airline industry whose costs are so high.  Airlines that are using social networking include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Continental.

It is important to remember that negative feedback is an opportunity to turn an unenthusiastic response into a positive experience.  If you know how to do this and make it part of how you do business, as does JetBlue on Twitter, eventually it will become second-nature.  No thought required – just free-flying!

JetBlue also offers a twitter feed @JetBlueCheeps, which offers flight deals every Monday.

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