Google Has Plans For iPad Awesomeness

The buzz surrounding Apple’s release of the iPad is ubiquitous. After shedding the embarrassment suffered after announcing the new mobile device’s name (evidenced here), it seems as if iPad sales are off to a good start with first-day sales breaching 300,000. At $500 a pop for the lowest priced unit, that’s….well, that’s a ton of dough (actually, tons of dough).

While stories of long lines and all types of fans and critics dominate the news, the roiled masses of Internet marketers are wondering how this new mobile device will do to their industry. Google shared some encouraging news late last week, announcing that Google Adwords would support the iPad as a mobile device option. In short, your ad campaigns can appear on any of those 300,000-plus iPads sold already.

Google Adwords Campaigns Now Include The iPad, But Are Not Yet iPad Specific

Actually, the announcement from Google that iPads are now supported as a mobile device isn’t really all that fancy. All you do is select “all mobile devices” in the Settings > Networks and Devices tab and your ads can appear on iPads.

Google did express what seemed to be some uncertainty on how to classify the iPad – ultimately settling on classifying it as a mobile device:

“In many ways, an iPad is more similar to these mobile devices than to desktop and laptop computers. It runs on a mobile operating system, has a touchscreen, runs mobile apps, and is highly portable, suited for on-the-go browsing. For this reason we’ve decided for now to include the iPad as a mobile device in AdWords, which means that as AdWords advertisers, you can easily extend the reach of your current ad campaigns to these new types of devices.”

Targeting Google Ads Specifically For The iPad Coming Soon!

Google also reported that its engineers are final testing the option to specifically target the iPad with your ads:

“It will appear in the coming days when you choose to “target only selected mobile devices”. And don’t worry – if you’ve already changed your AdWords settings to not appear on these mobile devices, your ads won’t appear on the iPad.”

So, we can all collectively freak out as soon as that happens and try to figure out the best way to advertise on the iPad. In my opinion, PPC advertising opportunities on the iPad won’t be clear until we figure out who uses iPads and for what.

And Now, The Answer We’ve All Been Waiting For….

Will it blend:

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