Or disturbing, depending on your view of online advertising and the technological metropolis that gave rise to it.  According to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, children ages 8 to 18 spend most of their day (7.5+ hours) utilizing a smart phone, a computer, and, of course, a television.  This means a number of things for those who have a message or product to deliver/present to the public, and indicates that the field of Internet Marketing has a very healthy future ahead—assuming nothing happens that either takes us back to the stone age, puts our fate in the hands (or jaws) of zombies, or both (which would really suck; who wants to fight zombies without guns or chainsaws?).

The Non-Apocalyptic (and Zombieless) Future of Internet Marketing

With so much time being devoted to being ‘connected’ in one way or another, SEO and SMM, though rapidly changing as the years pass, will likely take on an even larger role for businesses and organizations.  Not having a website for an enterprise, or any kind of online presence for that matter, might turn out to be the equivalent of not having either a physical sign or nominal brand as far as this new generation is concerned; thus whatever that enterprise is doing or wants to do will neither be heard nor spoken of by a target audience with a ton of potential—you know, $$$$. 

And here comes an almighty bulleted list for the future:

Here’s to a connected, zombie-free future.

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