by Steve LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch

Just a few days ago Google debuted a new tool called Insights for Search. After spending a few moments checking it out, it’s clear that this tool is another winner and fills several voids in the SEO/M toolbox.

So what can one do with Insights for Search? Well, quite a bit:

Insights for search is certainly useful in many new ways. Let’s look at one quick example here.

Say you’re advertising Manhattan (NYC) apartments via AdWords on a national level. Insights for search shows us trending search volumes for the phrase over a given time period. Pretty cool data here, and even more interesting if your researching very seasonal markets.

Now here’s something really cool. We see regional interest and a heatmap. Looks like we may want to add Kansas as a negative keyword if we’re advertising our Manhattan (nyc) apartments on a national level.

Moving along with our ‘Manhattan Apartments’ example, we see top searchers and rising/breakout searches related to the term. As you can see below, “kansas”, “ks” and “beach” would probably be good negatives to add to our campaign, right off the bat just to be safe. We also see that the #3 Breakout rising search is a misspelling, “apartments in manhatten”. This could be an excellent misspelling to test in our PPC campaign.

Besides the above examples, I can think of several other uses for this tool too (finding keyword ideas for local SEO clients, figuring out why chosen keywords aren’t performing as well as they used to (trending downward lately?), finding new negative keywords, finding high volume, low competition ‘breakouts’…and many more).

All in all, it looks like Insights for Search could be an absolute goldmine for conducting both SEO and PPC keyword research. It brings several new elements to the keyword research arena, which other tools had certainly been lacking.

Looks like Google’s done it again. I’d imagine other paid keyword research tools had better step up and deliver new killer products, or watch their subscription base quietly diminish.

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