Infuriating Facebook Quizzes And Poor Facebook Etiquette

Sometimes, late at night, I sit in front of my computer and wonder, “If I could shoot Facebook in the…well, face – what type of gun would I use?” It’s not that I hate Facebook enough to wish digital harm on it. It’s just that between the relentless Facebook surveys and the lack of any real Facebook etiquette, I want to throw the World Wide Web into a Full Nelson and scream into its depths – “You people are the reason that the Internets cry.”

I know, I know – social networking is a huge anchor for Internet marketing efforts and the social networking value of sites like Facebook are sky-high right now. But let’s not forget that for most of its life, Facebook had been a platform for young people to keep in touch. Facebook etiquette wasn’t really an issue, nor was the plethora of Facebook problems that plague my daily use. The double-pronged danger of an explosion of users unfamiliar with normal social networking behavior and the increased use of Facebook for commercial use has certainly had its effect.

I guess the best way to put it is that I don’t hate Facebook, I hate the way that a growing number of people seem to use it. The implications of something like Facebook or Twitter for marketing are huge and can’t be ignored. The time to reign in obnoxious misuse and to adopt some Facebook etiquette for masses is now…before the “cool” wears off.

So, Without Further Ado, Here Are My Top Five Things I Hate About Facebook (Despite The Fact That I Just Admitted I Don’t Really Hate It…Whatever):





Please Adopt Facebook Etiquette So I Can Stop Hating Facebook And Focus My Negativity On Something Else

So why don’t I just pack it up and sign-off of Facebook for good? Well, because I can’t figure out how to. (Not really, but have you ever tried deleting your account?) I’m an addict, plain and simple. I’m on Facebook all day. I see the potential of Facebook for businesses, corporations and firms and the value of social networking extends far beyond keeping in touch.

 All I ask for is a little sanity, a little Facebook etiquette. No more soul-scorching Facebook quizzes. No more Facebook surveys that make me want to forget how to read. A little sanity and Facebook problems will melt away…and then we can all focus our efforts on kicking Twitter in the face.

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