Social Media Phenomenon Takes over the World

Social media mavens meetup in Kingston organizer Ric Dragon The social media phenomenon has been spreading like wildfire around the world tearing down borders, distances and barriers unimaginable before. The passion for social media can pull together masses of people from around the globe.

Do you live and breathe social media or just wonder about it? You would be surprised how many people in your community are involved with social media. The world has become even smaller thanks to social media. You can build relationships with people at the furthest point of the globe and know more about them than the people who live and work just around the corner from you. Or you might know about some local social media users but have never met them before.

This is what inspired my boss Ric Dragon, CEO of DragonSearch Marketing, and KJ McIntyre, from JMC Marketing Communications & PR, to organize the Hudson Valley’s first Social Media Meetup in Kingston, NY.

The 1st Social Media Mavens Meetup in Kingston, New York

It is time to put faces behind the icons, said KJ and Ric, and the Hudson Valley Social Media Mavens Meetup was born. The first meetup held on February 19th, 2010 at the Beahive on Wall Street in Kingston, NY was a very successful and fun networking event.

Networking at the 1st Hudson Valley Social Media Mavens Meetup

Who Was at the Social Media Meetup?

The Social Media Mavens Meetup pulled a fun and quite versatile crowd from many areas of the Mid-Hudson Valley. There were people like the DragonSearch team, who are experienced and use social media professionally, people who just love social media and wanted to meet other social media junkies, bloggers, publishers, web developers, videographers, PR pros, copywriters, business owners who were looking for help with their websites and social media marketing, people looking for work, newbies to social media and people who were just curious and ask “what is this all about”.

Hudson Valley NY social media meetup

Social media meetup Kingston; who was there boardI’m sure I missed some of the mavens in this list:

@RicDragon, @McIntyreKJ, @DragonSearch, @Beahive , @FauxClaud, @designicu @SleepJunky, @theasphere, @jmcopenmic , @AmeriBag , @KJMRealtor, @sDialogue, @Etela, @b2engt , @McIntyreOn, @kpsourcerqueen, @JohnnyKickall, @bluehwyflaneur, @UlsterMadness, @digsart, @jenwdragon, @tomhoffay, @ivanlajara,  @Ingwaem, @uccomptroller , @mediaman1, @MountainSean, @jenwdragon, @nancytierney


We all left the virtual world behind for about 2 hours… well kind of, since we agreed to tweet and use the #HVMavens to connect to each other.

Hudson Valley social media meetup #HVMavens tweets

Kingston social media meetup #HVMavens tweets

Are You a Social Media Maven? Or do You Just Wonder What All the Buzz is About?

Hudson Valley social media mavens 1st meetup

We have no doubts that the 2nd Hudson Valley Social Media Mavens Meetup will be even larger and if at all possible even more awesome. We will keep you updated on when and where the next meetup will take place. If you live in New York’s Hudson Valley area, or even if not, let us know if you are interested in making this meetup happen again. Spread the word and we see you at our next meetup. 

Collective tweeting, #HVMavens, at the social media meetup in Kingston NY

Hudson Valley Social Media Mavens Meetup

314 Wall Street
Kingston, NY 12401

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