Darn! I left that pile of business cards back home on my dresser.

It would have been an enjoyable exercise to go through them, and recount all of the terrific people I met yesterday at the Hudson Valley Business Edge, an annual b2b day-long conference put on every year in Fishkill, NY.

My task was to speak for an hour on social media for B2C businesses.  I had a bit less than an hour to do what I normally do in two hours, so I had to refine it. Also, I think I spoke a bit quickly.  If my Mom, an Southerner through and through, had been there, she would have been wagging a finger at me, and probably wouldn’t take in a word. We were working in New York minutes.  But I think having to pare it down helped me clarify some important information.  The best parts of these talks, though, are always the qusetions, and in this case, we could have easily gone on for another hour.

Jack Sims did a terrific job as keynote speaker.  He is someone who built, then sold, a major marketing agency.  He’s what I like to refer as “silver fox” of the industry – and whenever I have the opportunity to pick the brains of one of these guys, I jump right in and pick away.

I got to reconnect with Marc Breslav, a PR maven who I got to work with many years back on the Clearwater Festival marketing.  Debbie Kwiatoski was another friend from way back.  I’m really hoping that we get the Hudson Valley Business Journal a bit more visible here in Kingston, and a part of the ongoing effort to revitalize business in this area.

Floyd Hold is the CEO of a new endeavor called the American Science and Technology Center.  They are in fund-raising mode for a really compelling project that would bring a significant museum to the Hudson Valley. 

All in all, a good solid event.  One that I think we would do well to imitate here in Kingston.