My Letter to the MSNBC Morning Joe folks regarding their comment about Facebook this AM:

Good day!

While my husband and I wake up to you guys every morning, sometimes you do manage to make my day begin, not with a cup of coffee, but boiling blood. Sometimes, for some very intelligent folks, you say some real ignorant things!

This morning, you were discussing Facebook use making the cover of Fortune and one comment, made by Joe, really stuck out to me. You were saying that you did not have time for Facebook and that you had trouble understanding where people who do spend hours a day on Facebook get that time. Ok, I can understand that. It’s not your thing and you are a busy guy, but then you went on to ask, “How is Facebook stimulating our economy? This does not help us.”

Well, Joe, you could not be more wrong.

Facebook, Facebook users and the immense growth of Facebook to the 175 million users reported today definitely simulate the economy.

I am a SMM/SMO and blog consultant. I am employed by a search engine marketing firm and part of my job is to be on Facebook all day long. Other companies pay for us to create, monitor and promote their corporate pages on Facebook as well as MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and other various social media sites.

Because of all those Americans, who, unlike you, do not have anything better to do all day but interact with long lost friends and comment of their cousins new baby pictures, are all flocking to Facebook in record numbers; there are a great number of businesses that realize that Facebook has great untapped marketing and branding potential.  The “buzz” has informed them that they need to get on the trend bandwagon, but luckily for me, they either don’t have the time or the geek knowledge to implement, manage or maintain their presence online. If anything the specific need for my social media expertise has grown as the economy has decreased. We are insanely busy, actually hiring new staff, and getting new clients every day. My firm is actually a great advertising investment for many small and large businesses as we can, for a minor budget, produce real measureable results and a great ROI!

Furthermore, since you are an admitted Facebook virgin, Facebook is the phenomenon it is because it is NOT all kids and teens. The reason it has very recently exploded and increasing at a rate of 5 million new users a week is due to the fact that it’s all real folks who you actually know and want to communicate with. There is something really nice about finding childhood friends and suddenly realizing that the last 20 years of separation didn’t mean so much in terms of knowing that person. In fact, the single largest group of users growing most quickly right now is women over 55.

And lastly, you actually ARE on Facebook.  Someone created you a fan page Though, I feel compelled to say, professionally, it could use some help in both design and promotion. Loehmann’s has more fans than you.

Don’t assume you know everything, Joe. Clearly, when it comes to social media, you are out of your comfort zone. Now go beat up on the politicians. I’ll see you in the morning.


Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

SMM/SMO Blog Consultant

DragonSearch Marketing

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