I just wrote my first guest blog post – that is, a blog post written by me, posted on SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG.

Guest blogging has been becoming more popular lately. One of the compelling reasons for guest blogging is that you would get a link back to your own website. And if you’re aware of the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you know that quality links TO your website are a critical component of SEO.

In my case, I’ve been writing a fair amount for our own blog, and had a subject just itching to get out that wasn’t quite relevant to the core subject of the DragonSearch blog. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out www.myguestblogger.com. I saw a query for blog posts, responded, and one thing led to another – and that’s it, I’m going to be the proud father of a 7lb guest blog post.

Now, this brings to mind, this whole crowdsourcing phenomenon that has been gaining ascendancy. In crowd sourcing, you basically submit a need to a lot of people, and pay the person who provides the best solution. And because there are a lot of unemployed people out there, the competition can actually be pretty hot and heavy. Eugene Debs is rolling in his grave. Crowdsourcing is really effective in pushing down the cost of labor.

In the case of guest blogging, a lot of people are willing to write a blog post for a link. Let’s just say that it would cost $100 to hire someone to write that blog post. That would suggest that a link is worth $100. And often it can be, but in many cases, I don’t think I would write a check for that much for the link.

As Mitch Joel says in his latest book Six Pixels of Separation, “The big idea (…) is to embrace community as the new currency.”

So, would I do it again? Yes. Would I recommend this as a method of developing back links to others? Yes. Do I scratch my head, and wonder if there isn’t something just a bit odd about this? Sure do. But at least unlike many other ways of persuading Google that your site is relevant, this way demonstrates relevance in a meaningful way, and if done well, enriches the web. This would mean that even as guest bloggers, we’re creating relevant content – not just another blog post about the same old thing being said over and over.

Do you think guest blogging is hinky? Or do you think it is totally awesome? Let us know.