I will admit that I haven’t finished actually reading “Groundswell” yet, but I do understand the ideals behind it. 

I will admit that reading things about the power the internet has given to people and to see that rising up as one makes me a wee bit teary eyed.

And sometimes, when you see it in action it is an incredibly moving force that can trully make changes.. and then ..sometimes.. you just got to scratch your head in wonderment, sit back and enjoy a big laugh.

 The Three Wolf Moon Shirt phenomena is a perfect example of Groudswell in action.


That we cannot really say except that people have to get their kicks someplace. The fact remains it’s some crazy funny stuff!

41glbyfzngl__sl160_sl90_So we have this T-shirt on Amazon .com that for all intent and purposes is a pretty “walmart-esq” bad looking shirt.  I could say a whole bunch of un-PC sterotypical kind of commentary, but I won’t. Fact is, it’s NOT a very special looking shirt. It’s not notable. It’s not designer clothing. It’s mass produced. It’s pretty run of the mill. BUT…

As of this moment 922 people have reviewed this shirt. Yes.. a shirt.

Why? Again, we just cannot really say.. except that if you take a minute to read the reviews, they are some pretty funny creative reviews. So it’s aparently fun to write a review just as it is really amusing to read them. I know. I just spent the last hour doing so!

Hence, Three Wolf Moon is one of the most in demand items on Amazon and they now sell over 100 a day as opposed to three or four. There have been major write ups on major interent sources and traditional media discussing the “phenomena” and they just keep on happily selling the shirts!

And then we have the video..oh, the video:

What is often fustrating, as an internet marketer, is that you just never know what is going to touch the fancy of the public. Sometimes, that groundswell.. well it just swells up where you least expect it.

And engulfs a pretty ugly T-shirt…and the imagination of people.. and they come together…. around a pretty ugly tshirt.. and ….. umm …howl?

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