When we sat around the camp fire about a year ago and imagined what the future of search would be about, we had this idea that our search results could be influenced by what our social circle was caring about.  This would bring more relevance to our searching, right?  It wouldn’t just be Google’s algorithm spitting out what it thought was right.

Well, the future is getting here sooner that we thought.  I did a search the other day, and saw a little note in the results,

Results from people in your social circle for {search term} – BETA – My social circle – My social content

Then showing sites that were somehow mentioned in my “social circle”.

According to the help page on “My Social Circle” is made up of

So, to play this game, you’ve got to have a Gmail account and a Google Profile.  I’ve already been seeing my connections in Google Reader, too.

So, check this out, I did a search on “Search Engine Optimization”, and got these results after the first 10:

The first result is our pal Betsy Kent, and her company website.  The second isn’t in my Gmail, now does this person show up on “My Social Circle” page (which includes connections to my connections).  Never mind, her blog looks interesting, and I just subscribed.

A LOT of the connections are connected to me via a “celebrity” social media person I follow, Chris Brogan.  So many people follow Chris, that I’ve got a lot of these secondary connections.

This isn’t so crazy, really. If these people are interested in reading the same blogs I am, then what they think is relevant in a search could be helpful.

Now, I can tell you from first hand experience, getting connected with the people that matter in your life can be difficult (that sounds TOO true).  Users not only need to create Google profiles, but they need to make sure that they create a Google Reader account, and set your share settings to public.

Our experiment this week is to get the whole team here at DragonSearch connected, and see how it works.

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