by Steve LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch 


You’ve read all about Google Chrome; Googles new web browser which totally came out of nowhere and shook up the web earlier this week.   Chrome is Googles’ first attempt at a OS  browser, and it’s certainly got people talking, thinking and even conspiricy-theorizing.  

What’s interesting though, comes from a search engine you may have forgot about during all this Chrome hoopla.  Yup, I’m talking about Yahoo!  

If you visit Yahoo!, you may notice something interesting at the top of the homepage.   An attractive download link, suggesting you download a brand new browser: “Yahoo! recommends upgrading to the NEW safer, faster Firefox 3 – FREE >> Download Now”  

Over at Google, there’s a similar link for Chrome. “New! Download Chrome – the new browser from Google.” 

 So what we have is the two search engines with the biggest market shares, suggesting users download new browsers, which aren’t IE.  Google pushing Chrome.  Yahoo! pushing Firefox 3.  MSN, well, not doing a whole lot of anything.   

 With the recent Google – Yahoo! deal, I can’t help but conspiricy-theorize a bit myself.  If more Yahoo! folks download FF 3, and Google users download Chrome, more of the searching whole, will eventually migrate away from Internet Explorer; and be served even more Google ads, even if through the Yahoo!-branded, and now partially Google backended Yahoo!.

Interesting stuff to say the least.   


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