google grants: grants available for non profit organizations

non-profits rejoice, you can get 10K for Your cause!

Non-profit organizations are always looking for available funds to get their message out to the public arena, either through donations, fundraising, or other fund generating activities. Well, now non-profits have another option with Google Grants.

The Google Grants program is designed specifically for non-profit organizations with the 501(c)(3) IRS status to receive $10,000 per month in AdWords funds. Through a relatively short application process that can take up to 4 months, but is typically less, these non-profits can attain these grants that are then used to broadcast their important messages throughout the world’s largest and most used Internet search engine.

just a few important stipulations, among others, on receiving and keeping the non-profit Google Grants though:

  • The non-profit website can have no revenue-generating ads (i.e. Google AdSense or affiliate advertising links)
  • Max cost per click bids cannot go above $1.00
  • Ads only run on NO partner sites and NO content network.

The organizations never actually see the 10K but instead, have their click costs deducted from the monthly total.  Perhaps the best part of this entire program is the fact that there is never a need to reapply for a Google Grant. Simply put, unless Google deems your organization unfit for the non-profit grant, it’s yours until you don’t want it anymore!

So this is all great for non-profits, but as a PPC management company what does it mean for you?

tt means you have just expanded your potential client list by a few thousand all because of these Google Grants made available to non-profit organizations.

Think about it. The main objective of a non-profit organization is to help people, animals, etc in bettering their situations. Do they really have time to continually manage an effective PPC account? In some cases they do have the abilities to manage successful PPC campaigns, but in most cases these organizations do not have the resources or manpower to dedicate time and effort to these advertising ventures.

in steps the knowledgeable and resourceful PPC Company to help with these non-profit grants!

For a relatively small management fee, in comparison to the generous Google Grant money, a non-profit not only can focus on fulfilling its purpose of helping others but it receives the devotion and dedication that is necessary to creating and managing the most successful PPC campaigns as possible. Think of the possibilities that can be created with a 10K monthly budget ($333/day)?! Granted your options do receive some limitation by the $1.00 max CPC bid, but there are plenty of keywords that can be utilized for less than that.

Ultimately everyone wins. Non-profits receive 10K in AdWords money to get their important messages to the public while paying a relatively small management fee in comparison and PPC management companies receive a new client, a management fee, and the fun of trying to develop a strategy of spending $333 PER DAY!

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