Just the other day Google made two announcements regarding Google Analytics:
1. The launch of its Google Analytics Apps Gallery
2. The soon to be released new AdWords reports in Google Analytics

Although on the surface these two announcements seem relatively small to say Google Remarketing or Search Funnels, both could have relatively long term impacts on the analysis of PPC and traffic in general.

Google Analytics Apps Gallery

The Apps Gallery, found here, is basically a list of Google Analytics apps created by developers that can be integrated into other various software packages and platforms.  For example, the Analyticator for WordPress provides the necessary code to enable Google Analytics on any WordPress blog while Excellent Analytics provides an Excel plug-in allowing the importation of analytics data into a spreadsheet.

So far I have not been overly enthused by any of the current apps in the gallery. Plus only a few of the apps are free at this time. I’m sure as time progresses many more apps will be developed, but for right now I’d suggest just taking a browse through the current gallery and see if anything wets your whistle.

New AdWords Reports in Google Analytics

The other announcement is specifically tied into the AdWords reports within Google Analytics. Some of you may have noticed that the Site Usage tab within Analytics is now displaying total goal completions and revenue (if your account is setup for ecommerce). I first noticed these changes last week, but this announcement goes much farther.

A few of the upcoming reports are:

– Data by match type (unless you have manually tagged your URLs)

– Days and Hours report

– Data by destination URL

– Actual search queries data

Personally speaking, I’ve been anxiously hoping that Google Analytics would finally come to a point where match types would be differentiated and not combined within various reports. Finally that day has (or at least will) come. In addition, you usually had to create custom reports to view data by day or hour in the past so making this data readily available right off the bat will definitely cut down on some management time.

These report releases are going to happen relatively slow (I haven’t come across any yet), but I cannot wait until they are finally rolled out into at least 1 of the Google Analytics accounts to which I have access.

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