On April 22nd Google officially announced exciting new features being released on the AdWords platform. The new product announcements fall under three different pillars: Innovative Ad Formats, Insightful Reporting and Intelligent Tools. These new features will be rolled out gradually over the next couple of months. Here are our thoughts on each.

A screenshot showing the new Google AdWords features, innovative ad formats, insightful reporting and intelligent tools

Innovative Ad Formats

The latest innovation in ad formats focuses on improving user experience by leveraging mobile applications and how potential customers are interacting with them. Jerry Dischler, Vice President of product management for AdWords, explained that customers are typically looking to solve problems with apps. The new ad formats can help marketers use apps more effectively to help solve these problems.

Jerry also stated that more than 80% of downloaded apps are used once before being deleted. To enhance the usage of ads after being downloaded Google has introduced the concept of “app deep linking.” This new ad format allows advertisers to link search ads directly to the most relevant page within an application if the user already has the application downloaded. This type of ad will be most effective for large advertisers who already have a popularly downloaded app. The new ad type can help drive sales for large e-commerce clients, build brand awareness and increase app usage.

A screen shot showing hotel deal apps, a new AdWords feature

With the goal of increasing total app downloads, Google will now suggest keywords from the Google Play store. The ability to see keywords from Google Play should help marketers better optimize search campaigns that are promoting app downloads. These keywords are suggested based on both volume and total app downloads generated by that keyword.

Google will also be releasing In App Install Ads and Trueview Companion for Apps.

Insightful Reporting

For some clients, an important goal that could not be tracked was foot traffic. Google is starting to develop a solution that measures in-store transactions and other offline conversions. This means advertisers will now have a more detailed data set when optimizing for both online and offline conversions.

Intelligent Tools

The DragonSearch PPC team is excited about the new intelligent tools that are going to be released in the coming months. From the looks of things, it seems AdWords Editor, as well as any third party bid management software, is going to be a tool of the past.

Adwords UI Bulk Edits

It has been a real challenge and almost impossible to make any kind of bulk changes in the AdWords interface. With the new releases, you will now be able to make bulk edits that formally had to be made in AdWords editor. This is great news and has been a long time coming.

Automated Bidding

In the coming months, Google will be launching a new automated bidding process. This will bring enterprise-class bidding to every advertiser in AdWords, once only available in third-party tools. Among these new bidding options, AdWords will be rolling out max conversion bidding and max value bidding. Considering how difficult some of these third party tools are to use, it will be exciting to test out these new bidding options.

Drafts and Experiments

What do we think is the most exciting release? The DragonSearch PPC team is most amped up about the new drafts and experiments tool. Drafts and experiments turn all of AdWords into a lab that allows you to test and stage new ideas before fully committing. This tool offers the ability to take a drafted change, turn it into an experiment and run it with a percentage of traffic. This allows marketers to test the effect that their changes are going to make before rolling them out across the board. “Drafts and experiments is going to be awesome because it pushes AdWords testing (beyond ads) into the A/B Testing realm,” says fellow Dragon, Paolo Vidali.

I am curious to learn if we will have the ability to test the new automated bidding in the drafts and experiments tool. I have always been an automated bidding skeptic and will be sure to test how it stacks up against Google’s automated bidding algorithm.

Pivot Tables in AdWords?

Jonathan Ng, our Excel expert is specifically excited about the new Pivots Tables in AdWords. “Enhanced reporting lets managers create pivot tables and perform multidimensional analysis directly in the AdWords interface. This allows PPC professionals to spend more time optimizing the account since they no longer need to download and manually organize this data for analysis,” says Jonathan.

Drag and Drop Reporting

Using live data, we will now have the ability to create custom reports within the Adwords UI. In the past, every time we wanted to change the way we looked at data, we would have to adjust our columns and metrics to reshape the data. Now this can all be done with an easy drag and drop function. Not only is this new reporting tool going to be easier to use but it will also be more robust. You will now be able to report all metrics in the form of a chart. While this is all really cool, we do hope that we will have the ability to export these reports in a format that is deliverable to a client.


Overall, it looks like Google is going to be releasing great new tools and features over the next couple months and the DragonSearch PPC team is very excited to get our hands on them.

What do you think about these new tools and features being released? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.