Ever since Google first released impression share statistics at the campaign level in AdWords, PPC professionals have been clamoring for similar statistics at more granular levels. During recent discussions with Google representatives, they mentioned that they are actively working on ad group level impression share. Additionally, as Melissa Mackey pointed out on Twitter recently, Google has apparently released keyword level impression share to several very large advertisers. So while we less important PPC’ers continue to wait patiently (or impatiently) for at least ad group level impression share statistics similar to the current campaign level, here’s a little workaround for viewing ad group level impression share.

How to View Ad Group Impression Share

This workaround uses the Dimensions tab in the Google AdWords interface. Too many people forget or don’t even know about the statistics found in this section of their account. Well here’s a reason you need to start: ad group impression share.

Go to the Dimensions tab.

Google AdWords Dimension Tab

Change the view of your segment. By month is likely the best segment to start with as it will show impression share at a fairly high level without throwing tons of data at you such as if you would use a daily segment.

Google AdWords Dimensions Segments

Adjust your date range accordingly.

Google AdWords Date Range

Begin clicking on ad groups in the left hand navigation.

Google AdWords Ad Group Impression Share

Simple, right? Although it takes more effort than impression share at the campaign level, using this method can present tremendous benefits in identifying potential ad groups that are lagging in exact match impression share which is what most of us are primarily concerned with. If your exact match impression share is low, ads are showing less frequently for the keywords that directly match your offerings and also are the most relevant to your product or service. If ads aren’t showing for these exact terms, then significant investigation and adjustments need to be made immediately.

Anyone else have any little tricks for looking at or using ad group impression share statistics?