The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Image Courtesy of United Artists

Google AdWords Editor Version 9 was released last Friday and I must admit it’s good. Okay, really good… but not perfect yet. There were a few head scratching moments as I began playing with the new edition.

So without further ado, here’s an unofficial review of AdWords Editor Version 9.

The Good

Sitelink Extensions…FINALLY!

It only took Google over a year, but they finally made AdWords Editor capable of creating, updating, and removing AdWords sitelink extensions. PPC industry experts have been requesting this ever since sitelinks were released in November 2009, so I’m not quite sure why Google took so long in creating this capability within its desktop application. I understand there is a certain order of prioritization when making updates to AdWords Editor, but when sitelinks have statistically been proven to dramatically affect click through rates you begin to wonder what other capabilities had higher priority than this in previous version upgrades.

Drop Down Navigation

We have a ton of AdWords accounts in our MCC so navigating between clients in AdWords Editor used to mean having to hit “File”, then “Open Account”, and wait for the list to load so we could select an account to view. No more!

AdWords Editor Version 9 provides a drop down navigation in the upper left to easily move between downloaded accounts. A small update, but efficient nonetheless.

To quote Mackenzie Cockram on Twitter “it’s amazing how the simple things like drop down nav seem to of impressed everyone”. Well put and so true.

The Bad

A Longer Add/Update Multiple Items Process

Remember when you could add or update multiple keywords in Editor without having to go through a drawn out process of review and approve? I wish it was still so in Version 9.

Instead, AdWords Editor prompts the user to assign the appropriate column to their set of data and then approve of such updates via the “Keep Proposed Changes” button (examples below).

Step 1: Enter your new keywords like usual.

Step 2: Select the appropriate column of data you are adding/updating. Previously, Editor automatically recognized this and therefore this step was not required.

Step 3: Finish and review your changes.

Step 4: You must either Keep or Reject proposed changes after every update/addition made.

This is fine when making a few changes here or there, but when a complete campaign setup consisting of 50 ad groups is taking place it’s a little much to “rinse and repeat” for every single one. Adding to this repetition is the fact that in order to make multiple changes to another ad group, you must first “Keep Proposed Changes” of the last changes made. Simply put, a process that once took 2 clicks of a button has now gone to 4 or 5 clicks.

The Ugly

I have honestly not found any horrendous features thus far in Google AdWords Version 9. Have you?

The Indifferent

Managed Placement Bids

Managed placement bids at the ad group level were retired on March 15th, 2011. So why are they still available in Version 9? Even though a user cannot post changes if a value is entered into the “Managed Placements Max. CPC Bid” box because of the following error message, it’s still annoying and kind of surprising that Google didn’t leave this option out with its most recent update to AdWords Editor.

Your Thoughts?

Have you downloaded AdWords Editor Version 9 yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the new capabilities and nuances?