by Steven LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch

Google Ad Planner is here! Google says that ad planner is a research and media planning tool.  So what is a PPC manager like myself doing with Ad Planner?

Although i’m not a true ‘Media Buyer’, most PPC Managers are in some respects media buyers of sorts.  After all, if you’re running advertising on the Google Content Network, and selectively choosing sites to advertise on, you’re a Media Buyer of sorts.  Still, Ad Planner is most-intented for TRUE media buyers who buy a lot of display advertising on the web.

The Ad Planner beta was private, but anyone is allowed to request an invitation.  DragonSearch requested an invitation, and one day later, Google emailed us with the keys (link) to test drive the Ad Planner platform.

Having never used any similar Ad Planning programs before, which have been available from companies like DoubleClick for years, it was really cool to explore Ad Planner.  I can certainly see how I may utilize this in the very near future to research and identify new content placements for our PPC clients, espicially those who use the Content Network.

Ad planner contains data on tons of sites that aren’t on the Content Network too, which is sort of interesting.  Ad Planner contains so much data in fact, that many people are now up in arms that Google has been invading privacy and collecting too much web data for years.

Regardless, Ad Planner is cool and it’s a powerful research and discovery tool for anyone buying media space on the web.  You can find data for tons of different web sites, and you can do it many different ways.

You can search and identify new sites by user demographic.  Will you be advertising to 24 year old males with income between 49 and $75,000 per year?  Ad Planner will show you some sites you may be interesting in advertising on.  You can also filter and find sites across a ton of different demographic variables, from age, to sex, to income and tastes.

Once you’ve done all your homework, you can create an actual media plan which can be exported to Excel.  Pretty neat.

All in all, Ad Planner is a really cool – FREE – site research and discovery tool. And since it comes free of charge, wheras similar softwares have been expensive in the past, it’s sure to get a lot of attention from anyone who buys media on the web.

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