I snapped a photo – that is, if you can call it ‘snapping’ with an iPhone.  There is no snap, unless you enable the digital sound.  I’m afraid snapping has gone the way of “dial my number” for the telephone. My photo, shown here, is done on an iPhone 3G with an app called “Old Camera”.  There is a lot of talk lately about the new iPhone, as well as the new Evo – and how much better their cameras are than those of their predecessors.  But early technology often has a ‘golden age’ in the creativity of it’s use.

In writing, old-school letter writing was an art form in itself, and what the popularity of post cards didn’t do, email surely finished.  For photographers, the earlier technologies had limitations, and it was somehow in spite of the limitations that some great art got made. I’m not saying that wonderful things won’t come out of the new technology – only that it will have a fundamentally different locus.

Perhaps someday, the only limitation in art making will be the imagination – not the media.  Meanwhile, I propose  we celebrate the limitations.

What do you think?

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