We team at Dragon360 loves to share our knowledge with others, and if you live in the Hudson Valley, here’s your chance to learn more about digital marketing and how it can help your business!

Dragon360 has partnered with SUNY Ulster to teach 3 continuing education evening classes during the spring semester. Each class will only take one evening of your time and could make a huge difference in how you can market your business online.

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Getting Started with Social Media Marketing Course

On February 22, 2016, Jannette Wing Pazer and Chris Short taught Getting Started with Social Media Marketing, an introductory course on how to get started using social media marketing to get your message out to the right people, whether they are customers, potential clients, donors or voters.
Topics included:

Business owners have limited time. By learning how to focus your social media marketing efforts on the right platform with the right content, you can focus your marketing time efficiently and attract the right people to grow your business.

Recap of the Getting Started with Social Media Marketing Class

At the start of the class, Chris Short was able to chat with each student as they arrived, finding out what kind of businesses they were doing social media for and what they were looking to learn in the class. Almost all of the students had a small business and wanted to learn how to effectively use social media to grow a small business, and a couple wanted to get the word out about their organization’s resources.

Interestingly, a few people had day jobs, but wanted to learn how to do social media marketing to help out a spouse’s business. I feel the class opened their eyes up to not only the possibilities and opportunities of social media, but that social media marketing is more than just having your relative occasionally help you post on your business Facebook page.

Remember, the objective is marketing and growing your business, not just about posting on social media.

Jannette discussed business goals and identifying the target audience – which sometimes is far more than the most obvious group when you take the time to brainstorm. Then we did a deep dive into the major social media platforms – how they work, what personality they had, and their pros and cons. With that overview we were able to identify which social media platforms were best suited to specific types of businesses. Then learned some ways to grow your social media audience.

After a quick break, Chris took the helm and guided us through the actual day to day work involved in social media marketing. With some fun examples, he demonstrated how creating and curating good content leads to higher engagement. He explained how to manage your social community, the importance of engagement, and how to analyze what’s working using social platform insights and google analytics. Chris also reviewed some useful tools to help manage social media tasks.

We ended with reserved time for Q&A, along with a deeper look into anything else people were interested in. Everyone was astonished when we took a look at the Facebook advertising interface and they saw the level of detailed demographics and interests that could be targeted. We also put some of the students’ business pages up on the big screen for a quick review of how they’re doing and what improvements could be made.

Deep Dive into Your Social Media

Social media isn’t always about how many likes you’re getting. Contact Dragon360 today to optimize your social media management and content strategy today!

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We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the class attendees, for which we are grateful! We were lucky to have a smart group who asked excellent questions, and had a lot of fun. Some of our students emailed us afterwards to thank us.

Shawn Harrison, the owner of Mudita Yoga Center in Kingston said, “Thank you so much for the class at SUNY Ulster yesterday evening. It was so much good information, I’m having fun today, integrating it and brainstorming based on all this new knowledge.”

Stacy Mc Connell, who is the warehouse manager at Yoga Life Style in Highland said, “I took your class on Monday night. Let me first start off by saying that I thought the class was fantastic and very informative. You are both excellent teachers. It was a lot of information in a short time. Thank you again and I look forward to a possible future class.”

Mike Praete of CruiseOne in Kerhonkson said, “Just wanted to thank you for the class last night. It was well done and very helpful.”

Other comments from the student evaluations:

We are grateful for the interest and the opportunity to teach this class at SUNY Ulster! You can find the slides from Jannette’s Social Media Marketing and Chris’ Community Management on Slideshare.

We’d love to hear which topics you’re interested in learning more about. Let us know in the comments.

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