funny google easter eggs are just the beginning of the end

google humor is funny…not ha-ha funny, but funny

We’ve all got ideas on how civilization will ultimately decline. I happen to know it’s going to be robots – robots and earthquakes (great band name, by the way). Funny Google easter eggs are the last shred of proof that I need. In fact, Google humor, in general, is another sign that the robots are winning.

google easter eggs: what are they? should I care? were you serious about the robots?

Easter eggs are hidden features and neat little jokes snuck into everything from Google’s search results to Google Earth.

Should you care? Well, that’s a bit strong. Does something like Google Earth humor have the power to change your life? No.  Will it provide you with the 2 to 3 minutes of entertainment you are conditioned to expect from the WWW? Sure, OK.

And, yes, I’m mostly serious about the robots. Remember when Johnny 5 flipped out in “Short Circuit 2” and used his robot-strength rebuild himself and then convinces a construction crane to help him chase down a speedboat (or something)? That’s not a happy ending. That’s a warning – indestructible, vengeful robots and complicitous cranes.

google humor doesn’t make the web go ‘round, but it serves its purpose

As a person in the trenches of search engine optimization, it’s hard to think that Google even allows these funny Google easter eggs. That’s like slipping a knock-knock joke into the Old Testament.

Seriously, though, when you consider that we practically base our industry on Google and its search engine results, it’s pretty refreshing to see a joke or two.  Like typing “answer to life, the universe, and everything” into Google and getting a nod to Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Check out a few of the more common funny Google Easter eggs in this video, which I would like to sarcastically nominate for the “best use of typewriter sound effects” award:

the point is, google humor is a good sign

It’s not even that the hidden bits of humor on Google are particularly funny. It’s that Google is even willing to try. It says something when a giant corporation lets its engineers goof off a little. It says, even more, when they let the masses in on the joke with these Google Easter eggs.

What does any of this have to do with Internet marketing and our SEO team at DragonSearch? Not a whole lot, on the surface. But, Google is arguably the biggest player in the optimization game. So, when the industry leader shows a sense of humor, it speaks volumes about the industry itself.

Sounds convincing, right? The truth is, I wanted to see if I could reference both “Short Circuit 2” and the Bible in one post. Mission accomplished.

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