I’m having one of those “I’m blown away” moments.  Reading blogs this morning, I saw a comment in one of Chris Brogan’s blog posts complimenting him on the use of Google Docs Forms in his contact page.  I remember seeing “forms” as one of the new Google Doc types… must be a connection.

So I logged into my Google Docs account, and created ‘new’, and chose form.

OMG.  Its so easy to make a form, AND SEND IT AS AN EMAIL!  OR – embed in a website.  And the results all go into a spreadsheet.  This solves so many problems.  Clients are always wanting their email forms to go into a spreadsheet – now they can – easily.

At this point, the forms lack an option for a CAPTCHA – meaning it could be a spam magnet.  That means it might not be the best thing for a website, yet.  But to be able to, say, send emails out to clients, asking about our service, and having it be so easy for them (they can respond right in the email!) is just incredible.

Great way to start the Monday!

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