Just when you thought Facebook was optimized for stalking your friends…the new “See Friendship” option rolls out. The “See Friendship” feature allows users to not only see interactions and common interests between themselves and their friends—it allows users to see what their common friends have in common, including how long they’ve been Facebook friends for.

The Birth of the “See Friendship” Feature

According to the Facebook Blog, the prototype for “Friendships” came about after an all-night hackathon led by Facebook developer Wayne Kao. Kao and a group of interns reportedly began the project in a hope to create a space to consolidate memories among friends.

Where to Find the “See Friendship” Feature

When someone posts a comment directly on your wall, there is a new option under the comment that reads “See Friendship”. When you click through to this option, Facebook directs you to a page with a timeline of your Facebook relationship. When you go to a friend’s profile, under their picture reads “View You and (Friend’s Name). This button will take you to the timeline as well.

Another way that users can get to the “Friendship” timeline is by typing in both their Facebook ID and their friend’s Facebook ID into this link:


Information that is Found On the “See Friendship” Timeline

Once you have accessed the “Friendship” timeline, you will have access to the following information:

  1. Date in which you became Facebook friends
  2. Wall comments between yourself and your friend
  3. Photos in which both yourself and your friend have been tagged
  4. Common events attended
  5. Photo and status comments exchanged
  6. Common friends
  7. Common page likes

If you want to up your level of Facebook creeping, you can even enter in the names of two of your friends and see their relationships.

We checked the security of this feature and found that you can enter the Facebook ID of someone who is not your friend in the hyperlink mentioned above, and as long as their profile is public you can see their friendship interaction history with someone on your friend list.

Facebook See Friendship in Timeline Update (1/16/12)

With the change of personal profile formats in due to Facebook timeline, the ‘see friendship’ feature may now appear in a different place on profiles. If you are visiting a profile with Facebook timeline, this is where you can find the ‘see friendship’ feature:

How to see friendship on Facebook timeline

How to see friendship on Facebook timeline

The Bottom Line

The “See Friendship” option in Facebook is kind of creepy. Yes, users can dig up old memories of friends from college or a friend who may have moved cross-country. However, knowing that someone can easily access every breadcrumb of digital conversation you have had with one of your Facebook friends seems a little overkill. Think of it this way—would you want your current boyfriend/girlfriend to be able to see every photo and wall comment posted between yourself and an ex? Didn’t think so.

Do you think “See Friendship” is an invasion of privacy or just a really cool feature? Drop us a comment, we’d love to know your opinion!