There appears to be a reoccurring theme here these past few weeks at the good ol’ DragonSearch blog. Apparently the people have had enough, shouting atop the lungs in classic 300 fashion, “THIS IS SICKENING.” With  spears  engraved with what appears to be religious scripts of ‘I hate Image Search’ gripped tightly in cocked fashion, raised high above that towering Corinthian Helmet they stand; ready to unleash a furry of hellfire amongst the Persian bastards of Microsoft, Google, and now Facebook.

Well, that might be a little over the top, and I wouldn’t consider Microsoft, Google, Facebook, nor Persians bastards by any means,  but somewhere someone just really got bored the traditional way of viewing Images – scroll, click, next page, wait 30 seconds, repeat.

A Trip Back to Two Weeks Ago

On the 22nd of last month our very own PPC team reported in on how he recently walked into the new world of Google’s Image Search Results when seeking out a celeb his wife had mentioned.  He then went into detail on what changes have been made and how it resembles Bing’s image search.

So if you haven’t read it yet, CHECK IT!

And here on this day, August 4th 2010, I have found myself in a very similar situation. While browsing through a friend’s newest photo album, AKA creepin’, the eyes went wide and the smile grew ten-fold. Not because she is an attractive model out of Rhinebeck, N.Y., although she is and I won’t take that away from her, but because Facebook joined the likes of Bing and Google – revamping its image viewing section.

So What’s the Change?

The  ‘Old-School Imaging’ has forever been conducted much like the way we receive standard search results.

  1. A series of images shows up on a page
  2. You scroll through it
  3. If you’re interested in viewing more you click ‘next’
  4. You pray for everything to load swimmingly.

But with these new changes Facebook allows you to sift through photo albums almost effortlessly, loading row upon row, column after column; it’s a beautiful thing .

With that being said there is a limit which is 4 rows across and 25 columns deep, grand totaling a whopping one-hundred pictures.

100 Pictures! Awesome – Is there a downside?

The photo album changes Facebook has recently made greatly decreases user wait time but having played around with it I’ve noticed one annoying little tidbit. But As with every great thing in this life there is ALWAYS a downside. Don’t believe me? Check this.If you click more at the bottom of the page it will load up more images,. However, if you then click on an image, view it and go back to view the album again it takes you back to the initial 100 images. Which basically means you have to scroll and press more again. Albeit doesn’t seem like this would be all too bothersome, it is and I hope eventually they address it.

But Everything has a Downside, Right?

As with every great thing in this life there is ALWAYS a downside. Don’t believe me? Check this.


Facebook’s new image viewing changes are without doubt a huge step in the right direction. I’m slightly annoyed by the fact that they haven’t addressed the issue with going back a page, but overall it definitely increases usability. I’m glad to see these changes. How do you feel?

Side note

If you like the new image search check out Google Chrome’s extension labeled Browse Faster, it does a very similar thing for the browsing of standard web search results.

Quote of the week

“The price of inactivity is greater than the risks of anything we’d be doing in social media” Doug Frisbie

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