Facebook goes down again! Sources say that facebook is currently experiencing some site issues causing Facebook to be slow or unavailable for some users. They are working diligently to resolve the issue ASAP….Oh and they’ve also said it is unrelated to yesterdays outage…The madness ensues again – ahhhhhh!

Alright so here we are – you,sitting at your computer screen, engaged deeply reading line after line of the awesomeness that consists of my written word, and I am off somewhere in the midst of battle with my newly acquired $13 wooden Gladius sword in hand, fighting off a pack of rabid whatever-they-are-called-these-days. They could be lions…big cats are always out causing trouble…but I personally will never rule out the unicorn. Don’t let that single horned white horse fool you. He is nothing shy of a beast ready to take you down.  Remember that: it could just save your life one day.

Speaking of taking things down, Facebook took a break today. “Officially,” they have deemed this little blackout to be due to an issue with a third-party networking provider, but this status update didn’t come soon enough, leaving millions of Facebook handlers in shambles. And the story goes…

Facebook Goes Offline: Mayhem Ensues

It all started somewhere between the hours of 1 & 2pm Eastern time. Everything was quiet. All was well, but within a moment’s notification everything changed & the madness ensued.  Upon first notice raging tweets flew across the Twittersphere. Tweets such as:

*all of these tweets shall remain nameless to protect the identities of myself, Clayton Hero Walter, given that I tweeted them all*

With Twitter recently suffering blows from the mighty fists of a hack-attack, it comes with little surprise that all (meaning I) were convinced that Facebook,too, had suffered from the likes of these inter-web intimidators. Soon thereafter Facebook would reveal the true reasoning of its inefficiency and that they are working to fix the problem. This softened the uproar a bit, but panic still grew constant.  Online Marketers could no longer @tag status updates; virtual farmers strawberry crops were withering away and virtual fish tanks across the Web were becoming abandoned.  Reports suggest that one man (myself) spent two hours with his hand glued to his mouse as his right index finger frantically left mouse clicked refresh. Insider information tells us that just as this man had nearly given up all hope, the white space that encompassed his browser began to shift. Slowly that familiar blue and white lowercased lettering that is known as “facebook” began to upload. The man smiled and tweeted this.

It was all over; the panic had subsided. People went back to their lives. The damage was minimal. Virtual farmers saw the most significant losses but who really cares?

The End

Well America, this is how the Facebook outage affected me..How did it affect you?