I’m always taking note of social sites that show up in search engine results.  This morning, I was doing some research on ecommerce, comparing Shopatron with Amazon.  I searched on “shopatron versus amazon” (sounds like a Godzilla movie, huh?) – and found a fairly high ranking result was a Facebook discussion.

This demonstrates that using your company’s fan page discussion module can be a driver of traffic. Of course, it drives traffic to Facebook, and not the business’s web site – but I’m of the mind that we’re going to grow less concerned with that.  I can hear Etela Ivkovic, DragonSearch head of SEO, gearing up the war engines to refute the point, even though I’m 200 miles away today.

The point is, we’re going to have a presence in a LOT of places.  Best practices would dictate that all those places point back to our main site – but as Joel Coen said, the first pages of Google results is your brand.

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