I and I love the comment conversation.

Why?   I have been doing little more in the past fortnight aside from reading blogs about how to make money from blogs and what bloggers think about making money from blogs.  And this is a wonderful conversation about all the things that Blogg.io is about and it is looking for answers to the really important ethical questions.  Mark Collier brings it all home with the one question:  What does the blog reader get from a Blogger receiving compensation from advertisements and other incomes generated from a blogger’s ability to blog?  He then goes on to give examples of how it could work and what might not work and, as I said, the comments keep the discussion going.

Now I almost have an ethical dilemma as I have a job to go to blogs and promote Blogg.io and I have to do that through commentary at times.  Now as a blogger, I can’t stand when my blog would get spammed about some stupid money making thing that had NO relevance to my blog. At first I would look up the stupid spammers website and send back my own version of adoption “spam” just to return the favor, but eventually, I enabled my capcha thingy, as annoying as it is, to get rid of the spam content.

Given that I AM going to blog posts where conversations are about monetization of blogs and Blogg.io is a way to monetize one’s blogs, so it’s not like I am popping in on a knitter and talking about cats, or adoption blog faux pas, going to a PAP blog and calling them baby stealers (and if you have no idea what that means, then don’t worry about it, or go to my and learn..lol) But still, sometimes I feel just a little dirty. It is my job. I am getting paid. I am now straddling the line between blogger and marketer. I am blogging, but I am marketing. I could be seen as spamming, or at least pitching, (which I have been called out on) and I don’t like that.

It’s the ethics that save me.

Which brings me back to Mack’s piece and his question about the benefits of the reader.  See, with the whole premise of Blogg.io to be a mechanism connecting Bloggers to marketers it only makes sense if the bloggers get what they want out of it. No, let me correct that. It will only work if the bloggers get what they want out of it. They can’t get crap. It can’t be spam.  It can’t be more work.  Granted the money might be helpful in some degree, but unless you are being hit with a new communiqué every day, then participating in Blogg.io is not going to really pay the rent.  Even if you and targeted for a Blogger exclusive, that’s still not a rent payment unless you share a rusty trailer in a shanty town. And I’m not dissing my employers with this; it’s just the cost of living in the world.

What Blogg.io IS giving to the Bloggers is credibility, even if they, we, have claimed credibility already on our own.  There is recognition, as a whole, for bloggers as a force. Yeah us and I mean us, the Blogger us.

Now, with the ideal premise of Blogg.io, there is something in it for the marketers and PR folks if they get the opportunity to harness that Blogger force, and get their information releases though quality means into the Blogosphere. That’s easy and we might be able to put a money value on it. Oh right, my boss guys did already…it’s the cost of the products Blogg.io offers. Ha-ha.

So back to Mack’s question if applied here: What does the reader get out of a Blogger who has joined Blogg.io?

The readers get improved content. 

The content is improved because the blogger has the OPPORTUNITY to write about relevant information that might not have been available to them. Notice my capitalization emphasis…the key word here is OPPORTUNITY. The blogger is not OBLIGATED to post about the marketers content to be paid, they are given the choice. What they are getting paid for is their TIME to review the information, usually a press release, which has been proven to be RELEVANT to what they CHOOSE to blog about.  Paid to read the blogger is, not paid to write. That was my bad Yoda speak, but like Yoda, it’s all about not going to the dark side.

Oh, granted it might be about one’s “point of view” if I want to keep running with my Star Wars obsession, but I don’t feel like I am rationalizing.  Yes, I comment on the originally post, and the link back on my name will take you to my job site, but I didn’t spam. I didn’t.  I commented… teaser comment really…with nothing by name…just this lovely track back. J After all, it is my job.

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