Local Promotions Through Twitter and Facebook

Last Friday, a small posse of Dragons went forth to give a small basic presentation on using Social Media for promotions.  We were talking to many first time users so it was really basic..like starting with “How to Sign Up for Twitter” basic which was needed as approximately a third of our audience did NOT have Twitter accounts.local-promtions-phoenicia

The whole purpose of the presentation was to help the local small town of Phoenicia garnish votes since they are currently #6 in the running  for  the “Top Ten Coolest Towns in the U.S.A.” by Budget Travel!” It’s quite a prestigious honor and can help boost the whole area’s tourist economy. Plus, when neighboring Saugerties won a few years ago, they got a sign on the  New York State Thruway exit.  Nice!

The presentation was sponsored by the Emerson Resort & Spa, was held in their conference facilities right outside the town of Phoenicia and was free to attend. So, while, we did stick to the basics, overall our Social Media Workshop seemed to go well for those who came to see it in person..  

The Live Streaming & Epic Sound Failure

Not so much for those who were hoping to catch the live streaming, since our microphone was inadequate and we experienced epic sound failure.  It was a bummer since we had hopes of recording it, even if I rather like saying the words ” we experienced epic sound failure”. We were alerted to that failure via Twitter mid presentation (Thanks, Ivan!),  so it proved to be an excellent use of social media in action. Right then and there, we had feedback and could change the way we were operating in attempt to repair the issues. Real time in action, baby!

Keyword in this case, was “attempt”. Our mic was truly useless and pathetic. So, it was a good learning experience as we had not tried to live stream before, hence, how could we know? I keep on saying “it was a good learning experience”, but I was still very happy to see a brand new and much more impressive looking microphone back at the office when we returned. Ironically, yes, it was AFTER we left for the event that the new mic arrived.  Next time. 

The sound was not the only issues as  we forgot to check for a projector on site. The Emerson Confernce Center were using their two in other meetings and we had  to have our projector run over to us. (Thank You, Heather!)  My ancient laptop ( circa 2003.. don’t laugh)  also proved to be slightly processed and there were moments when we ad-libbed or went ahead and took questions while waiting for Ol’Bessy to put down her hourglass. That part actually worked out as the presentation was able to be more interactive, and people gleaned  way more information that if we had just covered the slides alone. We got to spend almost 3 hours talking about how to  use Twitter and Facebook in a comfortable level of detail for the audience and we got to met some new neighbors and have a good time.

We put the presentation on SlideShare so people could refer back to it.  I’m going to post the presentation here so that purpose. The recorded version shall not be shared as  no one else needs to watch us and get frustrated as nothing but mumbles is emitted from us and sound via, I am told obnoxious, ads. No matter how amusing it might be to watch me wave my arms around like a fool for three hours. We’ll do another one again soon, but this time use the cool looking mic.

Basic Social Media Premier for Promotions
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Of course, while you look at it, please keep in mind two very important things:

It’s supposed to be VERY BASIC.

Due to the nature of Social Media, a mere 6 days later half of the information in the presentation about using Facebook pages is all wrong because Facebook unrolled a MAJOR change to the way their PAGES work!

Benjamin Franklin has been credit with the quote:

change in social media

 To that , I would add,  “Nothing is certain but death and taxes and change in Social Media….”

PS: Go Vote for Phoenicia will you?