Come and Knock on Our Door (We’ve Been Waiting for You)DragonSearch Office

Some of you may have heard that the DragonSearch office moved a few months ago. We’re still located in the same building in Uptown Kingston, above Ulster Savings Bank on Wall Street. Our office still overlooks The Old Dutch Church and the Ulster County Courthouse. We just moved one floor down,  to the second floor from the third. Overall, the office space has undergone some incredible changes. In fact, we’re loving the new space so much that we decided to showcase it with a DragonSearch Office Open House.

We still remember the days when a new neighbor would move in, and you’d bring over a plant or a platter of cookies and introduce yourself.  Consider this our introduction to the community. We want to share it with all of you!

Where the Magic HappensDragonSearch employees training

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at DragonSearch.  Have you ever found yourself wondering just where it is that Ric ruminates on the history of marketing and social media? Or where Claudia and Deidre craft their brilliant social media posts? Maybe your real interest lies in the décor of Mike Vaz’s workspace (is it covered in crazy drawings? Does he have a custom skate ramp?)…or you want to see exactly what a “PPC cave”  like the one John and Andy work in, looks like. Maybe you want to check out the space of our one-man IT and web development department, Mark.  Perhaps you’ve heard stories about the way Jordan’s epic music collection fills the room (despite his use of headphones), or you’ve heard the legend of Jillian’s constantly replenished M&M collection.  Maybe you’re curious as to how Danielle stays so organized, despite the chaos that often surrounds her.  Maybe you’ve heard of Eta and her love for chocolate, or the awesome trees she keeps in her office. It could be you just want to stop in and say hi to Ralph or Heather. Regardless of what it is that piques your curiosity,  this is your chance to get inside DragonSearch. The office is really a second home for most of us. You are our neighbors. We’re opening our doors and inviting you inside.

The Where and When of the DragonSearch Open House

More than Just Marketing

Don’t come to DragonSearch expecting to see gray cubicles lined up with corporate mantras scrawled on the walls. Yes, we have our whiteboards (we love our whiteboards), but the DragonSearch office is really so much more than a workspace.  We created this office to nurture creativity and to cultivate ideas.  We’ve got toys. We’ve got shelves of books. We’ve got brightly colored yoga balls. And we have art. So much fantastic art.

DragonSearch: The GalleryPainting by Ric Dragon

It’s no secret that art is a first love for many of us Dragons.  Aside from the artistic display that is our office as a whole, we use our space to display work by a number of local artists, including Jeff Leonard, Adrian Frost, Jen Dragon, Geddes Jones Paulson, Heather Hutchison, Garry Nichols, Nadine Robbins and (of course) our own Ric Dragon.

Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?

We have a lot that we want to share with you. We may not have an awesome trolly that zooms in and out of each room (yet), but we can certainly change our shoes and our cardigans for you. Come on over, bring a few friends. We’ll have the wine and hors d’oeuvres ready!