We’ve had time lately to work on some of our organization thinking… including the drafting of our core values.  We’ve spent some good time discussing these – and believe that none can be taken away and still retain our identity.

There are human endeavors that take away from the world, others that neither add nor subtract, and then others that create positive value. When you take two things and create more by adding them together – that’s creating positive value. What we call 1 + 1 = 3.  Our job is to create that value.

We’re positive

If we encounter negativity, we don’t engage.  It’s better to sustain the relationship whenever it’s feasible.  Not that we are afraid of conflict.  Sometimes we have to say the difficult thing. This doesn’t mean unicorn sparkles and Kumbaya. Sometimes, there is a right time to be willing to hold your ground, and allow for conflict, albeit, in a way that is respectful of the humanity in others.

No Burger Flipping

We don’t just mindlessly do our jobs. The burger flipping spatula is broken.

Solve the Problems

When we encounter impediments, we strive to cut through the impediment.  Or go around.  Or under.  We wield the Golden Sword of Cutting Through the Crap. You’ve written an email to someone to get an important piece of information but haven’t heard back?  Call! Get the answer you need.

We are problem solvers. We have to ability and resolve to solve problems in constructive ways by breaking problems down into parts. If you have a “complaint,” it should be brought to the person who can help solve the problem. Complaining is irrelevant. No excuses.

Being Responsible

We own our work.  When we see something not being what it should be and it’s not within our power to fix it, we raise the alarm. We Raise the Red Flag.

Learning is for Life

We believe in constant learning. Our business is on that part of the wave that is cresting.  We’re not content with what we knew yesterday.  We read blog posts, books, and listen to podcasts.  And we become mentors and students to each other.

A Better Web Makes a Better World

We provide marketing services that create real value in the world: for our clients’ businesses, for the end consumer, and for the communities in which we live. The web, at its best, enriches the lives of people – brings diverse communities together, helps to make for better and faster innovation, and helps to create that 1 + 1 = 3.