displaying prices in ppc ads can help you pre-qualify your visitors

It is common knowledge that prices can be used in PPC ads to draw customers to your site – especially if you’re advertising prices lower than your competitors.

Another thing to remember is that prices can be used to prequalify traffic as well. By using prices in your PPC ads, you can essentially pre-qualify your visitors, and possibly increase conversion rates and reduce wasted ad spend on clicks that bounce or simply won’t convert.

Prices in ads can help you prevent much of the traffic you never wanted in the first place.  They force the visitor to make a bit more of a commitment before ‘stepping into’ your store.

You’ll get far fewer clicks from visitors who were looking for something cheaper or who simply weren’t seriously looking to make any purchase in the first place.

By using prices and other pre-qualifying hints in your text, you may see a drop in volume, but a major increase in conversion rates, as you’ll attract be driving far more ‘likely to buy’ clicks.  This could be just the trick you need to rev up your ppc campaign.

Just remember that there is a time and a place for prices in PPC ads.  If you have the HIGHEST prices around, you’ll certainly want to avoid putting prices in your ads (and you may want to rethink your prices altogether!).  So use your better judgement before advertising prices in ad text. Good luck preventing those unwanted clicks and increasing conversion rates!

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