5 Tips for Creating Valuable Website Content

So we’ve all heard the about the importance of “creating valuable website content”.  But what exactly does this mean and how does one go about doing it?  A logical starting point for developing good website content is to figure out:

Answering the questions in this order helps to maintain the focus on your audience first.  If this is your first time considering these questions, consider brainstorming all your ideas on paper and then picking out central themes.  Developing good website content involves maintaining a strong focus.  The reason is this helps to keep your web content relevant, which means your visitors’ expectations will be fulfilled when they find exactly what they’re looking for.

Now you can begin creating good website content – here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1. Think of What You Can Do Differently in Your Area of Expertise

The next step in developing online content that is actually valuable to the online community is to determine what unique aspect you can contribute in your area of expertise.  Perhaps you are an expert in the Art of Ultimate Frisbee.  Do a quick search for ultimate Frisbee and see where you may be able to offer unique online content.   Perhaps your site can offer a social Ultimate Frisbee community.  Visitors can create profiles and get to know each other; maybe even sign up for local pick-up games directly on your site.

2. Figure Out Your Talent

Sometimes this is easier said than done.  Perhaps it’s easier to consider your passion first.  Let’s say you have a passion for hiking.  Chances are you’re seeing some amazing scenery along the way – capture these in the form of images for your site.  So often a person’s passion brings out a talent that we never even knew existed!  Talents may consist of everything from writing to photography to technical expertise to being a social diva!

3. Determine Which Tools You’ll Use to Distribute Your Website Content

Once you’ve determined your talent, the next step is deciding how you will showcase it.  You may consider using several tools.  A blog is an easy way to create fresh website content that may feature pictures or videos also.  If your area of expertise is more technical and you’d like to write an article a certain topic, also think of how you will promote.  Installing a widget could increase the chances that more people may find your website content and stay updated.

Good website content is only valuable to those who can find it.

This is where site promotion and Search Engine marketing help to bring your target audience to you.

4. Create a Time Schedule for Fresh Content

One important factor in creating valuable online content is to have website content that will encourage return visitors.  This means meeting your visitors’ expectations.  There is no magic number as to the frequency of fresh content, but consistency is key.  Creating a schedule of fresh online content for your site will help ensure that these updates occur.

5. Hone Your Talent

Last but not least, it’s important to keep up to date with your area of expertise so that you can continue to develop valuable website content.  Although our passions may come easy enough, sometimes our talents are less easy to perfect…but certainly not impossible.  Your audience will appreciate your efforts to create website content that is both unique and valuable.  And they’ll be more willing to pass it on and that is the Holy Grail factor signifying you’ve created good website content.

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