dear agency: getting results with digital marketing

We’re introducing a new series of blog posts, where we explore some of the most common questions we get asked here at DragonSearch. They might be questions a client would ask, questions an agency partner might ask, or even questions a prospect would ask. We’re calling the series ‘Dear Agency.’ Here’s the first one; enjoy!

Dear Agency,
How quickly will I see results?
Impatient in Indiana

Dear Impatient in Indiana,

This is a tough question, because it comes back to the be-all and end-all of Return on Investment. Being professionals, our answer is naturally, “it depends!”

For PPC, if your campaigns are running, you should see an impact right off the bat. The critical difference maker is what part of the funnel you are driving leads to. If you have a 3-month average sales cycle, and you’re filling in the top of the funnel, expect to have a lag before revenue hits the books.

A thorough digital advertising strategy will tailor your campaigns to account for this, and might even include mid-funnel tactics like retargeting or email nurturing to help guide prospects across the finish line. It’s possible that paid digital advertising campaigns will actually have a faster conversion funnel velocity than your other channels. Things get really fun when you apply the insight gains from paid advertising data to improve your other marketing efforts and create an integrated approach.

For SEO and Social Media, you must consider more long-term returns and sustainable organic growth. There will be certainly immediate impacts; you’ll probably hear the term ‘low-hanging fruit’ batted around a bit at the beginning.

Some of these initial improvements will be huge. If there’s a glaring error keeping your site from being indexed by Google, SEO improvements can be felt on day one. As a general rule, search engines can be slow to respond to ongoing improvements, but the gains are cumulative and long lasting. The same can be true for social media communities, although paid social ads are a great way to accelerate results.

This is in stark contrast to PPC, where a faucet of leads can be turned on or off. Improvements from an initial website audit and/or social media training can improve the performance of your online marketing for years to come, long after the project is over.


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