I saw these advertisements in Toronto and thought that they were the coolest ads for job recruitment. They not only inspired me, but also made me think about how companies approach creating ads for their job openings, and the significance of them in attracting the right job candidates. Furthermore these ads become part of the company’s overall branding.

Creative open position ads in Toronto

Creative open position ads attract creative job applicants… and my daughter.

Applying originality and crafting creative job ads will do a lot more for your business then just attract applicants for you openings. It will also position your company as an inventive organization that applies creativity to everything they do, including making sure that they draw great employees.

We give a lot of thought and allocate numerous resources to advertising our businesses, services and products, and planning our Internet marketing campaign goals and strategies. But one of the key components of a successful business is the right employees. As Jim Collins, an author and consultant I admire, would say, “first who, then what; you should not figure out where to drive your bus until you have the right people on the bus”.

Jim Collins speaking about getting the right people on the bus:

Jim Collins speaking about getting the right people on the bus

Which are the Best Job Advertisements?

After seeing the ads in Toronto,I found myself wondering how much thought people put into creating and advertising job vacancies at their business. What’s the best formula for attracting the people you really want to apply for your job openings?

Creative job ads in Toronto

The creativity of the recruitment ads I saw in Toronto was outstanding. They not only attractively showcased the exciting projects and achievements of the company but also included people in all the different occupations that make these marvels happen. Every single position had its place. I loved how they left the open job opportunities  blank so you could personally sense the  possibility and could imagine yourself in the picture… in that position.

Given the nature of my work in online marketing, these ads struck a chord in me. I realized that the  creativity and strategic placement of job ads can be very powerful. In fact, let’s leave the job ads behind for a minute; creativity and strategic placement of, ANY ad, is key to its success. Outdoor advertising and newspaper advertising all have their places in the holistic brand building and business promotion. Yes, even with your job ads you are building your brand’s recognition. More importantly, though, you are building a concept around your brand.

Fun job recruitment ads in Toronto

Fun job recruitment ads in Toronto

We at DragonSearch intuitively started organizing social events to meet potential employees in an informal and more natural environment than the official interviews usually associated with job applicants. I wrote about one of our social events in my post Hudson Valley Social Media Mavens Meetup. I believe it’s a much better gauge to get to know people in a relaxed, social setting… ultimately more telling than a formal interview.  This is extremely important to us as we are spending a LOT of time with each other. To quote our boss, Ric Dragon, “everyone here is awesome” so it is paramount for the success of our company to have team members who fit into the culture.

We also meet really incredible people that we don’t hire – that for some reason or another, we determine aren’t right for the current opening.  We still love meeting the talent in the neighborhood, and often end up in a working relationship later on.

Hudson Valley networking event with DragonSearch

Hudson Valley networking event with DragonSearch

So How to Create the Best Job Ad?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for creating the best job advertisement. It will depend on many things; like your industry, open position, etc. But here are some ingredients for creative job ads:

Fun, creative job opportunity advertisements can paint a picture of your company not only to the potential job applicants, but also to possible business opportunities as well. Wouldn’t a company that puts creativity and fun into their help-wanted ads strike you as a creative company that uses unusual, innovative ways to think outside the box? This sounds like the kind of company I’d like to do business with. Wouldn’t you?

Do you have any good tips on creating awesome job ads? Do you have any success stories?  I’d love to hear about them!