Alas! The Brandwatch review you have all been waiting for! At this point, I am facing social media monitoring tool burnout. However, the following review is written with much love and thought based on time spent learning (almost) every inch of this product.  In my tireless search for the Holy Grail of brand monitoring tools, Brandwatch was anointed the agency choice on behalf of DragonSearch. To win this coveted title, BrandWatch had to meet a demanding list of requirements. Without further ado, I present to you my in-depth analysis and review of Brandwatch:

Brand Monitoring with BrandWatch: The Name Says it All

Brandwatch social media monitoring tool

Once you get past the Boolean algorithms (which are nightmare-inducing, but necessary), the use of Brandwatch is quite seamless. The first feature that won DragonSearch over was the capacity to create multiple users and projects within the social media monitoring tool. Our intent was to train all employees on one platform that would be implemented ubiquitously across the agency for both social media and SEO clients. Brandwatch met this need perfectly.

For a brand monitoring tool, Brandwatch also covers the basics: exportable data, white-labeled reports, customizable dashboard, workflow management and multiple languages. Email alerts can be setup for new mentions, customer filters created and users can respond to mentions within the tool. For the purpose of reporting, identifying and responding to web mentions, Brandwatch again has it figured out. The extra perks that satiated my social media thirst included Klout integration, mozRank for websites and author demographics. Handling both SEO and social media, knowing WHO is talking about your company is just as important to DragonSearch as knowing WHAT is being said.

Lastly, Brandwatch won me over with a tremendous amount of support in terms of answering questions and customer service follow-ups. Melissa King, Account Executive, even invited both Ric and I to visit their Flatiron office for an in-depth look at the tool in action. Adam Bambrough, Account Director, has also been quite accommodating throughout the setup of our account with BrandWatch. It is reassuring to work with a company that offers personalized customer service. Just like Cheers, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

But, Alas, There is No Social Media Monitoring Tool Holy Grail

Or at least not that I have found—yet. Brandwatch covers the necessary requirements don’t get me wrong. However, the tool is missing one key feature that has been difficult for our marketing team to manage: archiving. While one can access and export historical data, BrandWatch does not currently allow for archiving of queries. When creating reports quarterly or even annually, this may create an issue.

One issue I also experienced with Brandwatch occurred when I created a query for a very generic term. The query—intended for pitching a new client—maxed out our search cap in a matter of days. After realizing my error, I attempted to delete the query. Unfortunately—and I will blame this on user error—the query was not deleted. Thankfully, our account director Adam reversed the error and reinstated the search results.

Fortunately, Brandwatch offers a one-off solution for when users require a high-volume search query, be it for a client pitch or otherwise. On occasion, there have also been some technical glitches with Brandwatch. However, Brandwatch’s technical team is quick to repair any reported issues. Archiving aside, there still isn’t too much to be said negatively in regards to the social media monitoring tool.

Brandwatch Review Wrap-Up: Who Should Use It & Why

Brandwatch is affordable for small agencies, large agencies and individual brands. We chose Brandwatch because we knew that the tool pricing could accommodate DragonSearch as a growing agency. With unlimited searches, $650 allows for 10,000 mentions per month and $1,050 allows for 20,000 mentions per month. For brands seeking unlimited mentions, $2,400 includes 15 search queries monthly with the option for additional queries.

While researching Brandwatch, Account Executive Melissa King was extremely accommodating and personable when managing my abundance of questions.  If you are interested in Brandwatch, you can contact Melissa at [email protected].