A Series Of Posts Exploring Keyword Research Services

Keyword research is the foundation for any successful SEO campaign. Poor research equals a misguided and, most likely, unsuccessful campaign.

The goal of keyword research is simple – to find what words people use to search and find information for a particular good or service on the WWW.

The trick to getting this collection of valuable keywords is to find the best keyword research tool that works for you.keyword research tools

That’s right, there’s no one “right” keyword research tool, just a bunch of “not wrong” ones

We’ve spent some time over the past several weeks looking into different keyword research services and have conclusively determined the following – damn, there are a lot of keyword research tools out there.

Seriously, the real conclusion is similarly anticlimactic – the best keyword research tool for you is the one you find easiest to use. We all have different strengths – some people are more into digging into the details of a data set and others want consistently quality results without geeking out.

There are, however, a slew of other factors that go into determining the quality of keyword research services – the size of the sample of searches they pull data from; the quality of that sample; how deeply the tool analyzes the data (as opposed to leaving the analysis solely up to the user); and more aesthetic factors like ease of use or a sensible presentation of research results in a format that’s easy to understand and export.

We’ll delve into both the user experience and the technical aspects in our reviews.

Keyword research tool reviews that focus on user experience

The goal of these reviews is to provide our take on a hand-on experience with as many keyword research tools as we could find. Another goal is to present these keyword research tool reviews in such a way that doesn’t make you want to plant your face into your keyboard.

So, hold on to your hats; fasten your seatbelt; put your dentures in (or out); comb your hair; call your mother; check your fluid levels; pay your bills; strap on your Batsuit; and turn your head and cough…because it’s on….

Oh, I mean next week. I’ll start next week with the keyword research tool reviews. Sorry for the confusion. Check back, the awesomeness will go on for weeks.

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