One of the things I’ve determined while I’m in this reading/writing sabbatical is that I would like to identify 10-12 blogs to follow closely – like on a daily basis. A few years back I had experimented with blog readers and found them wanting. But this morning, I logged into Google Reader, created an account – and within minutes had added those blogs. Just what the doctor ordered.

There are also a handful of cool features that make sense if I use my Google profile in a real social networking way. I’m not so sure that Google’s bid to be a player in the social media space has really panned out yet. It just hasn’t gathered momentum yet. But if Google does decide to put more emphasis on it (and after all, they did just come out with Buzz) – it could be a real war. A social media blood bath. OR – all of those social media sites will hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and figure out a way to integrate all social media.

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