Vintage Beer Ad: Blatz Beer & Newborn CareWith today’s standards of newborn care, this ad certainly straddles the absurd side of advertising.  There are hundreds of books dedicated to different strategies and techniques of keeping a newborn happy and healthy.  There is even more literature concerning nursing and best practices.  When my wife was nursing, she not only stayed away from alcohol, but also excluded high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, and anything that wasn’t organic.  I am sure beer would not have made it to the I-can-drink-this list.

Antique Ad

Were People Back Then That Gullible?

How stupid do the advertisers of this beer think we are anyway?  I love how they simply state, “…obviously baby participates in its benefits.”  Then they list the two “benefits” as malt and hops.  I would think that anyone in their right mind seeing this vintage beer ad would know that beer isn’t okay to drink while nursing.  I also wonder what benefits malt and hops actually bring; none that I am aware of.  Furthermore, if malt and hops were that beneficial, I would think that the two ingredients would be available individually and without the addition of alcohol.

Nursing & Blatz Beer

While I’ll be the first to tout the benefits of beer, I’ll also be the first to question the disadvantages of it.  There is a lot of talk about how beer can help produce milk for mothers who have issues with production.  However, The Subcommittee on Nutrition During Lactation (1991) found “there is no scientific evidence that consumption of alcoholic beverages has a beneficial impact on any aspect of lactation performance.”  With this said, at the time of the ads debut, I am sure no studies were done.  Still though, I would think that most mother’s intuition would be to stay away from beer while nursing regardless of absurdly false advertising.