Beginner’s Guide to Travelling Solo

Solo travel sites are transforming the travel world. I was recently inspired after attending a lecture with Cathy Law, who has travelled to 53 countries from Laos to Yelapa, as a female solo traveler.   It got me thinking about solo travel and putting together a beginner’s guide to the best solo travel sites.  Seeing as solo travel is usually tied with budget travel, many of these sites are also good places to find cheap travel destinations and accommodations as well as fellow solo travelers.

First-Time Solo Traveler Sites

Below are solo travel sites that may hopefully inspire you to move forward if you have dreams of traveling solo or simply open our eyes to the power of social networking. is not only an excellent place to obtain practical information and travel guides, but it also has a Going Solo forum.  I just checked it and saw this exchange below:

"Lonely Planet Forum"

If you’ve ever backpacked, you know that the relationships you form with fellow travelers are often for a lifetime.  And sometimes, the relationships you form online can be even deeper than those formed in person when there is a common bond and more openness. and are great solo travel sites when budget is also a concern.  Both these sites were actually recommended by my idol, Cathy, and considering her experience as a solo traveler, I think these are a pretty safe bet.  If you’re still apprehensive, the CouchSurfing site has  a review section called Interesting Statistics that is worth checking out. has some several interesting articles for the analytical thinkers among us.  Solo travel may come more naturally for those of us who are more spontaneous; however does a good job of offering useful tips on everything from safety to meeting other travelers. can be pretty overwhelming at first, since there is a lot of information but it’s actually organized pretty logically.  Considering the goal of this site is to be the “ultimate resource for the independent traveler”, you can be sure to find some great information here.  Plus, there is a focus building an interactive community so it’s a good place to connect with other solo travelers. is THE site to go to for solo travel inspiration.  As mentioned in this previous post on Social Media Travel Websites , travel writer Ralph Potts certainly practices what he preaches and his writing is both interesting and insightful.

Sites to Find Other Solo Travelers

Solo Travelers may consider meeting with others online – you could save money or just have someone to share the experience with.  As mentioned above is an example of one site where you can potentially find other people who are going to be traveling solo.  Other sites include, and or Connecting Solo Travel Network. is an interesting concept.  Basically it is a site that brings together local tourism tweeters.  This enables travelers to get up-to-the-minute information on destinations.  Even if you’re not carrying a phone with you while solo travelling, there are internet cafes in practically every little town and city on the planet…as Cathy said, you’d be surprised!

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