secure browserWell it’s another sunny day in the Hudson Valley, with clear blue skies. The past week has quietened down somewhat after all the hoohah about FireSheep. Not sure whether any of you noticed, but Twitter have secured their website by installing SSL and passing all the traffic through that. I’m happy to say that my confidence levels in Twitter have multiplied several fold and it’s becoming one of my favorite social media sites to visit. Pity the same thing can’t be said about Facebook. It is a fairly large site (cough) and they’ve said it will take some time to get something¬†implemented¬†on that front, but so is Twitter. I am ultra paranoid when it comes to security, and so should you be. Glaring issues like this should be addressed immediately and with the utmost priority. Just last week I remember Facebook launching a new feature that they built in a coding session with some university students called See Friendship as announced by my colleague and fellow blogger Deidre in her article titled Facebook Rolls Out “See Friendship” Feature. Couldn’t they be utilizing this time to fix the huge security issue which Twitter, and I’m pretty sure many other sites out there have and are doing? Remember people, no matter how secure you think your password is, once you are authenticated anyone can hijack your session if they use the right tools and take on your identity. Would it take a day of boycotting Facebook by everyone abstaining from logging into for them to take notice that this is a huge and real threat? Rant over. (more…)