Anyone who knows me knows I love to play with new tools. At DragonSearch we’ve been conducting extensive social media monitoring tool comparisons. Although Social123 by itself is not a monitoring tool it does have a killer unique feature.

Social123 turns Social Contacts into Social Leads

If you ever had any desire to turn a Twitter follower into an e-mail address then Social123 is for you. Social123 will actually work across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to collect Social Data from accounts that you can target in many different ways.  In other words, based on criteria that you set, you can turn Twitter contacts into Sales leads.  You can scan through Facebook for keywords and obtain sales leads from Facebook.  Social123 will scan you LinkedIn network for good marketing and sales leads.

Social123 SocialLeads feature


Use the power of Social to filter your leads

Social123 has an interesting setup feature where you specify what they call a Social Schema, essentially allocating points towards various type of Social interactions.  These points can then be used to sort or filter possible leads.  Note the picture above with the 25 points showing under the SocialPoints+ column. All of the data generated by Social123 can be exported into Excel spreadsheets and then sliced and diced to your heart’s content. They can also easily be processed into E-mail marketing lists.

Social123 Social Schema

Social123 will be integrated with SocialFaster within a month

SocialFaster is a Social Media dashboard used to listen to and engage with social media communities. SocialFaster can analyze social media traffic, schedule messaging, track brand mentions, and run reports and metrics. We are anxiously awaiting the Beta by early September 2012 so that we can put the integrated tool through its paces.

For more information on Social123 please contact the lovely Ashlynn Whitesell whom I’ve found to be very helpful and responsive. What do you want to see in a tool? Let us know! Maybe we’ve reviewed it already or we can pass it on.

Example of SocialFollowers+ Email gathering

Social123 Socialfollowers