Unlike most of my other blog posts, this one will be very brief because I don’t have any other real information beyond what I am about to share with you. That said, I simply couldn’t wait to share the following opportunity.

Google is releasing a new ad extension that allows for videos to display within high performing ads. It is important to note right away that this extension is in limited beta right now so I doubt there are many advertisers using this new feature beyond movie companies and other relevant industries. Below is an example that I just found for the upcoming release of The Losers.

How will Video Extensions work?

Again, I don’t have any information at this time beyond what I’ve found on the Google Ad Innovations website here; however I can take some educated guesses from what I’ve seen in several examples so far.

First off, the video will only run if the user hits the “+” box within the ad. Once the ad has been expanded, the video automatically begins to play. No cost is incurred until the video reaches the 10 second mark. Once a video has reached this point, a cost is incurred based off of the max CPC bid you set for the keywords associated with these ads. If the user decides to visit your website after watching the video, no extra cost is incurred.

All of this brings up several highly relevant questions:

I currently have a request in to our Google representatives for more information concerning video extensions so once I receive more information, I’ll be sure to post a follow-up to this blog post.

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