Every now and then when Google makes a change in Adwords, some of us may actually notice the change a day or two before its announcement.  This was true for me and the recent addition of the Automate function.  Andy Groller noticed it the morning before the announcement. When this happens, it’s hard not feel like you’re doing a good job in knowing your industry and staying on top of things.  With that said, yesterday, April 4th, this announcement was made on The Official Google Blog:

We’ve worked hard to keep in touch with our AdWords customers and we’re always looking for new ways to support you. Currently we offer email and online support, and today we’re introducing free phone support for all of our U.S.- and Canada-based AdWords customers. When you have a question about your account or advertising campaigns, you can now call an AdWords specialist if you prefer.”

Ahead of the Adwords Curve?

Adwords Help Phone Number

It has been on my monitor long enough to need tape!

Andy and I cannot say the same about this announcement.  We didn’t know about Adwords phone support an hour or a day before.  We knew months ago!  I can’t say for sure how long we have been using 866-2-GOOGLE for free adwords voice support, but it has been common knowledge for the two of us for at least 4-5 months.  We are mesmerized by the attention that this announcement has been getting.  It’s all over Twitter and my Google news alerts.  My coworkers are emailing us, and strangely enough, actually walking over to us and telling us, the old-fashioned way of communicating.

We did not sign up for Beta, and we were not part of any Adwords test group.  We found the number online and have used it a few times now.  I wonder why Google didn’t announce Adwords phone support before yesterday.  My guess is that Google just thought the resource was being underutilized and that making an official announcement is always a great way to garner attention.  Not to mention, Google Adwords phone support  is too great a service to continue to be underutilized.

First Review of Google’s Free Phone Support Reps

A Plus, as a gradeOne of the reasons we called Adwords phone support  was because an ad was disapproved by Adwords and we wanted them to take a closer look since we were following all of the Adwords  guidelines.  The ad was approved within 24 hours.  Google reps have been a pleasure to work with; all have been perfectly knowledgeable and courteous.  They have been able to fix or explain everything we’ve needed,  and have done  so within 24 hours.  I’m just glad everyone knows about their availability through Adwords voice support now.

Was the announcement of Adwords phone support news to you? Have you used the service? Let me know.