advanced seo training and workshop at webgrrls new york city

The invitation to present an advanced search engine optimization training in New York City for Nelly Yusupova and the amazing community of Webgrrls International was an honor for Dragon360.

Webgrrls is an on- and off-line community dedicated to helping professional businesswomen succeed by providing networking events, training, and learning opportunities.

This blog post contains the presentation and will outline the workshop Josepf Haslam and I prepared for the evening of learning SEO and understanding how it fits into the bigger marketing and business-planning picture.

following the presentation decks is the storify of the event

learning objectives

  • The importance of and how to conduct advanced keyword research
  • Advanced on-page optimization with cross-linking strategy
  • Advanced off-site factors including link building and maintenance
  • How to evaluate the health of your backlink portfolio
  • How to assess the strength of your competitor backlinks and where their visitors come from
  • Discover how to identify the demographics of your top competitor sites
  • What is Google Panda & Penguin updates and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to overcome common problems associated with CMS driven sites such as duplicate content, spider traps
  • SEO & Social Media
  • Understand Google’s vision for the future of search to gain a competitive advantage.

check out our presentation deck here: 

Advanced SEO Training & Workshop in NYC at Webgrrls.

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