Many a young Mennonite has had to forego the high school homecoming dance on the basis of a bit from Thessalonians, “Abstain from the appearance of evil”. Greek scholars say, however, that the word translated as “appearance” is eidos, which could more properly be translated as ‘form. So, really, it might be OK to attend the dance if you stick to the Bunny Hop.
We received a complaint from a car blogger   about some comments left by one of our staffers. The website address left by the commenter was a client’s, and yes, ostensibly done for the sake of that link.

The problem was, as I see it, the comment didn’t look like a human made it. Spammers are pretty clever, and they are fully aware of that back linking business – and they use software to go out and leave comments on blogs, which mostly are generic in the extreme. Here is a comment left on this blog:

Hey – nice blog, just looking around some blogs, seems a pretty nice platform you are using.

You can easily see how this comment could be left just about anywhere. And in the user’s profile, there is a link back to his website.

We do not want to be spammers. When we work for our clients building back links, we are assuming their identity – even their brand and values. And here at DragonSearch, we usually match up staffers to clients where there is a genuine interest overlay – so in going out and making blog comments, we are adding to the web – not mucking it up with more junk. After all, our work in SEO is about managing and enhancing the perception of relevance – often even helping to create relevance.

We need to avoid not only the form of evil, but its appearance as well.

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