Ripping into Those Who Practice Bad SEO!

I have had it with people who are obviously attempting to do the same sort of job we do here at DragonSearch with one huge exception; they really suck at it!

Badly Done SEO Morally Offends Me

Maybe I take it too personally, but I am not a marketer, nor a public relations guru, or an advertiser. I am  a blogger, and before I was a blogger I was an internet message board junkie and forum addict. I don’t just need the internet for my job, I love the internet for the ability that it gives to people to find each other, connect and speak our truths.  I believe in the higher power of the world wide web to really change the world.

Anyway, I had just about had enough with watching other people intent on some get rich scheme abuse the power of the web for their own crass causes.  I will not sit by and allow them to go forth and commit mad acts of spam and not be held accountable for it. Every bad spammy comment on a blog makes it so much harder for anyone to trust our  hand crafted relevant comments.  Every link farm based blog wheel makes cheapens the connections of a real blog niche community. Every lousy blog pitch makes it so much harder to build a real connection and grow a relationship.

I Call Spam War!

Last week I emailed a music website to inform them that they have a lousy SEO campaign. If they are spending their budget making repetitive bad attempts at back linking a MP3 site to a wine review blog I manage, then it’s time to rethink because I deleted every one of those comments. They actually replied, but claimed that had no one doing SEO work. Really? Ok, then turn off your bots because they suck too.

Pitch this Blogger? Pitch a Fit!

As  blogger, when we communicate with other bloggers as we must, I am so conscientious with the team so that they understand that we have to be real with them and not fake it at all. Why do I care so much?” Because I HATE getting that kind of crap in my own email account for my blog.

And so, after the third unsolicited email from some bad affiliate market scheme hit my mail last week, I kind of went postal in an SEO kind of way.

Dear Jane Jenkins
My Gene Profile
Dear Jane,
Yes, I did get your email with your invitation.
And then I got your second email where you asked me if I got your first email.
And now this is at least the third email where, now, basically you are giving me guilt about not responding to your emails?
I read through your email, and I actually wasn’t that impressed so I decided that I did not want to respond to you.
See, despite you saying that you were very impressed with my blog, I doubt that you even took the time to bother looking at it before you scraped my email address from it so you can spam me.  If you did, then not only could you have easily found my name, but you would have seen that my blog is 100% ad free, sells nothing and has not the slightest hint of being related to an affiliate for anything. If you had bothered to look at my site, then you might have notice that I write about adoption reform and my life as a birthmother; so really  the product that you are pushing has little relevance to my niches, unless you plan on promoting it to adoption agencies so they can get the unborn adoptable babies rated for high IQ? And in that case, well, I’d write about your “launch”.. I’d write a scathing review. :)
Now, besides being the blogger that you  have decided to spam and harass; I am also the Director of Social Media for a NY based Internet Marketing Firm, so let me give you some free, but very valuable advise. YOU ARE DOING THIS ALL WRONG!
While it’s an older blog post, it is a classic.. you might want to read though this to see what happens when you spam bloggers:
After all, it is Chris Anderson and he is only a major key influencer in the industry.
Then, you might want to check out a few of these handy resources. Please note to yourself  the much needed changes in your approach.

Yeah, it might take more time for you to actually do the research and learn my name, but at least then I might not be so sure of how you are basically lying when you talk about my blog in the same breath with affiliate marketing. And honestly, $900 a week cutting and pasteing ( and SPAMMING) people at home? Nope, not looking for much or a career change in that direction,  thanks. eeww.
And you know what’s so sad? I am actually really really open to posting things for other people and an overall mutual support. I really live this whole relationship building thing of the internet and if you HAD pitched your product to me in a good way so it actually was REVELANT to my blog, then I would have probably, at least, tweeted it for you, or mentioned it, or maybe even posted about  it with nice juicy links if you had made it relevant to assisting adoption reunions of something.  Instead, actually, I’m going to use this letter and your pitch as a blog post on my firms internet marketing blog about how I hate spammers and things like this because it cheapens and makes internet marketing look cheesy.
So thanks for the inspiration, but yeah, I am not interested in your product at all,  mmmkay?
Since I am real, and actually took the time to look at your links and read your stuff and hand craft this response to you ( instead of cutting and pasting); if you actually read this and give a damn, I would be happy to discuss further how you could improve your online reputation management, because Jane, honey,.. have you seen who is linking to your site? These cold email are pissing people off!! And the SEO of your website also leaves MUCH room for improvement. However, I doubt that you will even respond, since this is looking much like some new scam.. or at least that’s what Google is telling me.
Ok.. so please no more.
Thanks a swell bunch and have a marvelous Thanksgiving!

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

While it was right before the holiday weekend, I doubt I will hear back from Jane, but I don’t care. I’m going to continue calling out these people who just do it poorly.  Waste of time?  Maybe, but I will defend this position and the internet that I love.

I HATE Badly Done SEO.

If I see your Spam, you’re going to get an earful ..or eyeful.. from me!

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