Once upon a time there were three bloggers. They each lived in their own small cottage beside a stream – the Twitter Stream.  And they lived in a beautiful land where Content was king.

In this land, there was a powerful wizard named Google.  The wizard had the power to help the bloggers be more loved.  Everyone wanted Google to visit their cottage, but for some reason, he visited some more than others, and when he did visit bloggers, he was more helpful to some more than others.

It was whispered that if you wanted Google to visit you and share his power, you needed to first let the magical creature SEO into your house.  SEO was a misunderstood sort of beast.  Some thought he was made of fluff and snake oil, but others said that, no, he is something altogether different. Unbeknownst to most of the denizens of the blogger’s land there were two creatures named SEO, which confused everyone, because they thought there was only the one.  And the truth was, one was a horrible smelly brute of a creature, and the other was quite nice, friendly, and the model of goodness.

One day, Blogger Number One caught sight of SEO walking down the road, and invited him into the cottage. Well, Blogger Number One hadn’t been paying attention, and before she realized the error, she had invited BAD SEO into the cottage.  Bad SEO did what Bad SEO is wont to do, and pretty much destroyed the cottage. Furniture was turned upside down, papers were torn and scattered about, and in short, the place had a bit of a stink to it.

Blogger Number Two saw what happened to Blogger Number One and said, “no way, I’m not letting SEO into MY cottage – I saw very clearly with my own eyes what happened to Blogger Number One.  And besides, SEO stands for ‘Sucks Emotion Out! I write blogs for people, not for Google Wizards!”

Blogger Number Three, though, had been paying attention, and noticed that there were two distinctly different SEO Creatures. She let the Google SEO into her cottage, and just as she thought, Good SEO transformed the little cottage into a much nicer home.  Shortly afterwards, Google came to visit, and almost even smiled, although the neighbors are still arguing over that. It was true, however, that many more visitors found their way to the little cottage, and Blogger Number Three’s blogs were read all over the world.

The End.

Now available:  slides from the Blog World presentation on SEO.