at the #140confhv: exploring the state of now in the hudson valley

Dragon360 threw a big “party” – a networking, continual learning, idea-sharing, coffee-drinking party. Seven21 Media Center, over 100 online marketing professionals, small business owners, and social media users gathered to discuss how using Twitter opens up opportunities across the globe.  This party was the #140confHV – The Hudson Valley 140 Conference.  

growing a business using social media

First to talk about using social media for entrepreneurship was Justin Fulcher, who traveled from South Carolina to share his ideas with attendees of this Hudson Valley event. Entrepreneurship is a constant cycle of ideation, product development & networking. The immediacy of  Twitter helps provide the opportunity to:

  • Bounce product ideas
  • Discuss development process
  • Make  instant connections for future business benefit

The immediacy of Twitter & Social Media Marketing lends itself very naturally to the ongoing cycle of entrepreneurship – something Taariq Lewis knows quite well. In expanding his #UsGuys relationships, he directly expanded his business network and a start-up was born.

notable tweeters passionate about their online marketing and branding activities:

NASA is into Social, says David Parmet. He told the story of how NASA astronauts and space/science enthusiasts alike have grown a tremendous community around ongoing initiatives of our United States space program. His story typifies the idea that making connections online enhances lives & business.

Stressing the FUN in Fundraising is B.R.A.W.L. [Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League] – Julie Novak talked about need, action, interaction, and a rambunctious outlet for locals to HELP locals. The event began as a local initiative to provide disaster assistance that, while promised, never came. Not it is a thriving ongoing charity fundraiser for local and national nonprofits. The word-of-mouth groundswell of support is a direct result of participants using social channels to spread the passionate purpose behind the events.

notable appearances from #usguys, hudson valley business owners & social celebrities

Lisa Barone & Rhea Drysdale traveled in from Troy, NY to discuss Social Media HR, a rapidly emerging practice that affects every part of your online life: From where & how you socialize to where and how you SHARE. Lisa Barone shared stories about making the connection with local government through her use of social media channels. At first IRL (that’s short for In Real Life) meeting, she was at a loss, while the other person had accessed her personality, specialty, and character through her tweets & postings. That’s huge.

Rhea Drysdale shared on how Outspoken Media goes about evaluating potential AND current employees. What does that say for Job Seekers? Watch your back. Your professional IS your personal – even when you’re not looking specifically to get “ahead.” As in so many digital revelations in the past: live your online life as though you WILL run for public office one day – why leave skeletons lying around?

impressive ideas, social networking, interactive inspirations

Personal stories, tutorials, and examples have been the rule of the day. The way we connect is evolving; bringing scale the results possible when we share, promote, and gift online are endless. What is possible for your ideas? After this conference, the answer to that question is without a doubt: ANYTHING!  With half of the day left to enjoy both IRL and via Live Streaming, we can’t wait to see what the second half of this conference will bring!

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