Visual Designer for Online Marketing Career Opportunity – Part Time

Location: Kingston, NY

Important note: This is not a freelancer position, it will require you to be working in-house at the DragonSearch office in Kingston, NY.

Visual design can make or break a brand and even the best content can easily go unseen without an eye-catching design that grabs the attention of the target audience.

Do you want to create designs that grab people’s attention? Can your layouts and use of color cut through the noise? Do you want to be creating a variety of different types of designs and learning about many industries? Then DragonSearch is the place for you.

You Belong Here if This Describes You (or who you strive to be):

  • Can quickly research and analyze web properties to understand their visual branding and how it could be enhanced.
  • Can read a piece of content, grasping the key points and mock-up design ideas that effectively communicate those points.
  • Can understand data, the key elements and can translate it into a compelling visual design.
  • Can work independently and complete projects under tight deadlines.
  • Have solid drawing skills both on and off-line.
  • Comfortable interacting with clients and asking the right questions to determine their needs and execute them through design.
  • Are on top of current design trends and styles.
  • Have experience with both off-line and online collateral.
  • Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Strong research, written and verbal communication skills.

Your Responsibilities Will Include:

This is just a summary of the types of responsibilities – just like the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, so will your role to always be skilled and a step ahead of the competition.

It could include creating:

  • Advertisements for digital properties.
  • Social media channel graphics.
  • Off-line collaterals such as flyers, posters, pamphlets, etc.
  • Graphics for PowerPoint presentations.
  • Wireframes and designs for websites.
  • Build infographics.
  • Create cards and other graphic elements for videos.
  • Newsletter designs.

One of the best things about working at DragonSearch is the incredible culture we’ve created here. A sense of humor; a down-to-earth attitude; an inquisitive, receptive mind; and a fun outlook on life typify our ideal candidate. There are a lot of people here accomplishing great things here: the bar is set high, we’re all reaching for it, and we’ll be rooting for you to reach it too. We don’t have to tell you it’s a fast-paced environment, right? Or that we work in a team setting? Or that we practice and preach shared responsibilities? Of course not; you knew that.

This is a part-time position that may require additional hours at times and/or could turn into full-time work. This is not a freelancer position, the job will require you to be working in-house at the DragonSearch office.

About DragonSearch

DragonSearch has a strong reputation as a strategy-focused, process driven digital marketing agency. We work with companies in a variety of industries worldwide to help them build and manage their online presence and grow their business, through integration of Search Engine Optimization, social media, and targeted digital advertising campaigns that increase conversions. We help large and small-sized businesses start, maintain and improve their efforts in digital marketing. We’re an organization focused on self-learning, which strives to put the most current, relevant industry knowledge into action every day of the year. Learn more about DragonSearch.

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