Technical SEO Strategist Career Opportunity

Location: Kingston, NY

A business is only as good as the engine that drives it. The best content and most carefully designed marketing strategy breaks down when the technical aspects of a website fail to deliver it properly to your visitors. If a digital strategy isn’t compatible with the user’s device accessing it, loads up slowly, or it can’t be found at all, it can’t succeed.

At DragonSearch, we take a careful look under the hood with each of our clients, identifying the technical issues that interfere with how successful a company’s digital efforts are. DragonSearch is a fast-growing growth-focused digital marketing agency that works with clients worldwide.

We are looking for an analytically minded and highly motivated Technical SEO to join our team in our Kingston, NY office. We’re searching for people who are passionate for the technical end of SEO while embracing and integrating how it ties in with CRO, content strategy, brand management, social, PPC, and the big picture of digital marketing. This individual would become a “go-to” resource within our team to perform technical analyses of websites as well as an in-house thought leader, keeping us on the cutting edge of and in tune with new strategies as the digital world continues to grow and evolve.

Is that you? Prove it. Let us know that you can take your love for digital marketing and put it to work. We’re interested in backgrounds that include experience with website audits, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Screaming Frog, WordPress and related tools and technologies.

At DragonSearch, we focus on sustainable, long-term strategies that can sometimes grow new clients very quickly but always have the big picture in mind, ensuring a relationship built on long-term success and industry best practices. Despite the “technical” nature of the role, all our team members will be called on often to look creatively at problems, apply traditional marketing skills to their day-to-day duties, and bring excellent soft skills to the table as we guide and educate our clients to achieve their business goals.

You Belong Here if This Describes You (or who you strive to be):

  • Excellent research, organization and analysis skills
  • Experience analyzing Google Analytics data in depth
  • Strong ability to create meaning from data, identify trends, and make actionable decisions and recommendations
  • Solid understanding of best practices for website structures, usability, and coding
  • Working knowledge of markup languages, metadata, and schema
  • Strong communication skills, and a natural eagerness to share your knowledge
  • You continually demand new skills to maintain your SEO and marketing excellence
  • You aren’t interested in a job. You’re building your career
  • Motivated to work independently on projects/accounts, but a strong team player as well
  • Takes initiative in personal learning, growth with the company, and lead on projects
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite – especially with Excel
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with presenting and public speaking is a plus

Your Responsibilities Will Include:

This is just a summary of the types of responsibilities – just like the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, so will your role to always be skilled and a step ahead of the competition.

  • Build technical SEO evaluations and create implementation strategies for non-technical as well as technical clients
  • Evaluate traffic and website data to identify technical issues with websites and provide solutions
  • Optimize on-site SEO via schema, social schema, URL structure, alt text, title text, etc.
  • Development of off-site SEO elements such as Wiki’s, local SEO strategies, linkspam cleanup, and related strategies
  • Successful integration of social, SEO, and other efforts with a focus on delivering results
  • Research and analysis of competitor sites, backlinks and connections
  • Content creation crafted to connect with the target audience
  • Working with our sales team to develop new business opportunities
  • Measurement and performance analysis and reporting
  • Constantly learning and building your skills and sharing you knowledge with the rest of the team
  • Focus on customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding desired outcomes
  • Take the lead on projects with an agile attitude to work assignments
  • Experience with JavaScript and writing regular expressions a plus

One of the best things about working at DragonSearch is the incredible culture we’ve created here. A sense of humor; a down-to-earth attitude; an inquisitive, receptive mind; and a fun outlook on life typify our ideal candidate. There are a lot of people here accomplishing great things here: the bar is set high, we’re all reaching for it, and we’ll be rooting for you to reach it too. We don’t have to tell you it’s a fast-paced environment, right? Or that we work in a team setting? Or that we practice and preach shared responsibilities? Of course not; you knew that.

About DragonSearch

DragonSearch has a strong reputation as a strategy-focused, process driven digital marketing agency. We work with companies in a variety of industries worldwide to help them build and manage their online presence and grow their business, through integration of Search Engine Optimization, social media, and targeted digital advertising campaigns that increase conversions. We help large and small-sized businesses start, maintain and improve their efforts in digital marketing. We’re an organization focused on self-learning, which strives to put the most current, relevant industry knowledge into action every day of the year. Learn more about DragonSearch.

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